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  1. I am starting this post to give people easy information for custom turbo options. Some of these are tiny. Twin turbo option??? Lol
  2. Cshine, no unfortunately they do not fit. Also goes for the brakes and rotors.
  3. body kits

    Cosmetic hood vents... Cheap carbon fiber look that I had to cut a bit off and heat gun the edges slightly. Looks decent but purely cosmetic.
  4. Throttle body dimensions for the 2017 Spark LV7 1.4l ( intake manifold opening is matched at 1.75 inches. )
  5. End result... with the correct rim and tire combination ( 17x7 , 38mm offset ) you can fit 215/45/17 tires all the way around the car with a reasonable drop. Haven't looked at it with stock rims and tires just yet but I'm sure it will still look cool. Also no worrying about going larger than the stupid 55 series stock tires.
  6. Front coilover mod:
  7. No go on the throttle body upgrade. Here are the details: Chevy has made the throttle body and intake manifold perfectly matched in size at a pitiful 1.75" The only way to modify any of it, would be to remove the intake manifold ( made of plastic ) and replace it with a custom intake manifold or redesign the opening. I took some pics for detail.
  8. I'm not sure if he would be open to it. I imagine if he had all the details and was able to monitor it, then it would be possible. I can check with him.
  9. With the correct spring, lighter duty / lower spring rate and correct travel, this could be an epic set-up. I just don't have the money to buy every spring that looks right to find out if it works.
  10. Pics of the suspension fail with the Civic Si coilovers.... Looks awesome, but not safe. If the car lifted enough the coils could literally fall out. Safe is better than cool looking!
  11. Follow up... Many snags with the rear coil mods. Ended up with a semi stock spring hybrid setup. Honestly, just cutting the rear springs and using the coilover cups as a bottom cushion would have been perfect. The Civic Si and Miata coilover springs both didnt have enough spring travel and could have been dangerous if the car ever left the ground. I included many pictures to better describe what I was attempting.
  12. You do have the 1.2 liter model so maybe the 1.4l throttle body would also be a closer upgrade. The other Chevy models have a different connector unfortunately because the 1.5l would have also been an option. I'll try to get updates on the throttle body by tonight. Ran into a ton of snags in the rear suapension project today.
  13. Brakes are super easy to do on these cars. I would replace the rotors and get ceramic pads if I were you. I just did mine a few weeks ago. Took about 2 hrs. Just make sure to get the correct size 1/2" socket type Philips for the rotor screw. It has a good chance of stripping out if you don't have one and try to use a regular screw driver.
  14. What year Spark? Quick strut assembly means he will be replacing the whole strut assembly with spring and top mounts. Its a faster and easier job because he doesn't have to disassembly the spring and mounts from the strut. Sounds like a bit much though. Here is a couple listings I found. New are obviously a better choice but the used ones with low miles will work too.