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  1. I had a duplicate listing so, I figured I'd just like to get the word out that several of the LED lights on the market make considerable static noise on your radio when on the FM band. Some of you wouldn't care since Android Auto and Apple carplay exist, but its just a heads up. Fan cooled or fanless seem to do the same thing. There are also some new RGB Bluetooth LED headlights out for around $75. Not sure yet if those interfere but, most likely its the same issue. Any advice would be welcomed.
  2. I am splitting my post from LittleBlue as I have a different setup and a different engine. Pretty much a completely different setup that some newer generation Sparks can be guided from or learn from my mistakes. I am using a Saab GT17 turbo as it is a reasonable and fairly reliable turbo to work with. It will be a slow project but, I will continue to post and make progress for others to follow. I am not looking for a dragster. I am really after some more low end torque and another 25-50hp from stock. The 1.4L in my 2017 also has the odd single exhaust port that leads down to the cat. Something that might make some trouble in how I install everything. I am planning on mounting the turbo in front of the transmission on the drivers side and after the catalytic converter. This is a budget build up and the prices you see, are the absolute lowest I could find.
  3. swapping

    The suspension ( struts and front/ rear springs can be swapped ) I have two sets of suspension parts. 2013 and 2017.
  4. Sorry to hear about the brick. Just ordered most of the remaining parts for my turbo project. I'll be hopefully working with Calculated Chaos in NH on the tune once things get moving. Gt17 turbo has water cooling so... A few extra parts had to get ordered. I will split off and create a second post with details to hopefully give more insight on boosting the 1.4l spark.
  5. Sounding better! My project is going a bit slow as I have been running from North to South of the US with my car. Just nailed a killer deal on my turbo. GT17 for $50 new. Bit of modding and some welding to get things just right but, I'll eventually have all my parts.
  6. body kits

    New side flares and painted badges. Rims will be back after my road trip.
  7. I am starting this post to give people easy information for custom turbo options. Some of these are tiny. Twin turbo option??? Lol
  8. Cshine, no unfortunately they do not fit. Also goes for the brakes and rotors.
  9. body kits

    Cosmetic hood vents... Cheap carbon fiber look that I had to cut a bit off and heat gun the edges slightly. Looks decent but purely cosmetic.
  10. Throttle body dimensions for the 2017 Spark LV7 1.4l ( intake manifold opening is matched at 1.75 inches. )
  11. End result... with the correct rim and tire combination ( 17x7 , 38mm offset ) you can fit 215/45/17 tires all the way around the car with a reasonable drop. Haven't looked at it with stock rims and tires just yet but I'm sure it will still look cool. Also no worrying about going larger than the stupid 55 series stock tires.
  12. Front coilover mod:
  13. No go on the throttle body upgrade. Here are the details: Chevy has made the throttle body and intake manifold perfectly matched in size at a pitiful 1.75" The only way to modify any of it, would be to remove the intake manifold ( made of plastic ) and replace it with a custom intake manifold or redesign the opening. I took some pics for detail.
  14. I'm not sure if he would be open to it. I imagine if he had all the details and was able to monitor it, then it would be possible. I can check with him.