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  1. Coolant tee connectors are a pain, I just ordered a set of coolant hose tee fittings from a Mini Cooper. I didn't want to take any chances rigging up some with PVC fitting due to the max temp of PVC being somewhere around 140°. No parts stores had these so....I had to order once again. I would be further along but I have been facing lots of delays. In the meantime I've replaced a complete suspension, replaced a set of tires / rims, patched body holes, and refinished headlights on my girlfriends 2001 Prius. I did manage to pick up the oil, filter, and get another drain pan for my Spark. So, its almost show time. Hoping to beat the cold weather where I am.
  2. 112mph is max listed. The car will do slightly faster that I know of but power will cut out. FYI the throttle is set from the factory to only open 80%
  3. As a two generation Spark owner, I can say from experience that the material the steering wheel is made from starts wearing very quickly! Both my Sparks started showing heavy wear at 40k mi. on the steering wheels. I am posting this as advice. Get a steering wheel cover! Something nice that is a tight fit and will prevent wear. Not impressed with the material but, a cover will prevent this. I picked up a decent one for $15 bucks at Pep-boys.
  4. Also received the two 7" high speed fans today and mounting ties. Picked up some Prestonecoolant and some special juice
  5. Today, I picked up more parts and some tools for the install. Another $100 closer to getting the ball rolling. The stepper bits are to drill the hole for the oil return, below is my makeshift oil return bolt with fiber washers and tapered brass nut. Drain fitting is 10an. Spectre Maf sensor mount may need a fabricated flat plate to correctly align the sensor but not a real issue. 1/2 barb adapters are for the coolant feed and return from the turbo. Honestly started cursing as I was picking up all the water cooling parts and found that I needed a couple t-fittings that were impossible to find in metal or high temp plastic.
  6. Looks like the 2019 got a small boost in HP as well. So far, not a lot on the market. May have to scour for overseas parts. I'm going to be looking into the Sonic exhaust to see how much different it is and see if it can be modified to fit.
  7. I will keep you in the loop. I will know soon if that adapter will work out. I am starting the project this weekend to make the room for things. I'll check to see if the adapter will work and note any modifications that need to be made if necessary.
  8. Down pipe section of the exhaust...incomplete as I myself didn't need measurements yet after this point.
  9. This is for reference only measurements are almost exact....
  10. After getting some measurements, this is going to be tightly fitted and more modification needs to be done. The radiator fan is one of a couple issues. It takes up a ton of space needed. So... Its going to be removed. I'm replacing it with two 7" low profile fans that will be mounted on the opposite side of the radiator in a push configuration instead of a pull configuration as the stock fan is set up. I was considering a replacement radiator but I'm trying to keep as much stock as I can. After, I will be removing a small section of the upper to lower metal bracing in the bumper to make clearance for the turbo intake piping and air filter. Its hard to explain with- out pictures but that will be added as things progress. I am attaching a pic of the fans ordered and the frame piece that needs to be modified to fit things better. The intake is going to end up on the drivers side in the fog light area.
  11. Good progress! Its great to see your still making headway. I'm still working with placement as there is very little room to fabricate a non-header attached turbo in the 2017.
  12. I solved the issue after getting a bit annoyed by a loose connection to my drivers side headlight. I completely cut the stock connectors off and soldered in anti-flicker harnesses. Stopped the radio noise and it gave me about 8" more wire to plug and unplug new headlights with ease.
  13. Radiator measurements added.
  14. So, after 3 oil feed banjo bolt orders, I finally have the correct one. I now have everything needed to start the measurements and placement. The reason I had issues is partly my own fault. The feed bolt needs to be specifically for a gt1752 not a gt17. At least I have a second steel braided feed line if I need one. I have to run to Florida for a week, after that I will be posting more often on here as I build it up.