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  1. Decided to make a separate thread for the upgrade photos. Product Hideaway Fronts Rears Wiring Sub
  2. Picked up a new tank with revised part at my local dealer. Going to swap tomarrow.
  3. My spark finally got the overflow tank issue. I think it’s leaking from the seam. Going to get a new one and do the swap, only have 28,000 on her now.
  4. In the past month there has been lots of talk on hacking our Mylinks. Someone found out the code to let you into the development mode. Most is in Russian that is found on the Internet. But decided to do some exploring in my Spark Mylink. I would like to change some backgrounds and such, plus ultimately enable the rear camera. All the images and folders are there for the rear view camera but nothing yet. Other sights show the camera working but I don't want to brick my radio with a Russian FW version. Here is a screen shot from mine today.
  5. Just did this a few months ago and figured out this cheap solution.
  6. oil

    I ran out of the free ones too. I just changed my oil myself a few weeks ago with factory filter and Mobil 1. I do notice also it is a little quieter too.
  7. Can you feel the scratch with your finger nail? If so I'm afraid you need a body shop. If it's not to back you can buff some of it out.
  8. Just to let everyone know I received an email for 3 years of basic onstar for free. Then when activating it in car they also gave me 3 months of full onstar. This email came from my dealers email too. Si I'm happy just to have the onstar app again for free to see oil life, tire pressures, gas, and lock/unlock.
  9. My 2013 factory battery went out right before the 3 year warranty. Dealer replaced it free of charge.
  10. You could try the cleaner CLR. But try a very small area first, like a small dab. It's an iron/rust remover. Just make sure it does not damage anything.
  11. Like to remind all members to please be courteous to each other. This is a great site and would like it to stay that way.
  12. Welcome to the club. Hope you enjoy your new ride.
  13. Can you post a picture please.
  14. I have been wondering the same thing. I used to put rec 90 in my motorcycle might have to try a tank or two in the Spark.
  15. Well we have a winner folks. New hub assembly installed, smooth, and quite now. I think the fronts might need doing now, lol. Now with the back silent I can hear the front more. But I played it up to my low profile tires. We will see. The brake drum was stuck to the hub, so I removed the whole hub and drum together. Then flipped it upside down over a few 2x4 pieces. Then put a 2x4 on the hub and hit with hammer, came right out. I applied some PB seen in photo but it would not budge with tapping with hammer on car. You can see brake dust on the ground. I also put on a brand new axle nut too. Well hope this helps other in the future.
  16. Ok the part came in yesterday and will change it out shortly. Here are some photos. I ordered the AC delco part number and the outer box has that number and the factory aveo number on it. Then open that box and the inside box is the factory aveo box, crazy. I know they are same manufacture but box in a box, puzzled. The bearing i bought seperate in the pictures is the exact bearing already in the hub, all numbers match. What's crazy is the bearing slips right into the hub with no force, I was just seeing how it fit above the bearing already in there. So my feeling is the bearing just slips into the hub and the snap ring holds it in there with some pressure. The bearing outer race seats in the back by the ABS ring and the snap ring only touches the outer race. Then when you put the axel nut on that only applies pressure to the inner race on the bearing. So I'm wondering if the bearing would need to be pressed at all if just replacing the bearing. I will figure that all out when I do the swap. Then I might have my old one as a spare and install the new bearing.
  17. Good to know, thanks.
  18. Thanks, actually there is no cotter pin, just the dimple on the nut flange after torqued. I have a good torque wrench so that's not an issue. I have done plenty before but never this issue where you can't buy the whole assembly, crazy.
  19. I went ahead and ordered this and will be here tomorrow. I have spent hours researching the parts between 17 different models. Even the aftermarket full hub assemblies fit our Sparks. But for some reason GM wants to sell all the parts for the assembly separate and be installed with their special Kent tool. Every part for the assembly fix multiple vehicles except the bare hub. So I will see how the full AC Delco matches to the factory installed. I know now it would be easier to have someone do it but now I'm on a mission to solve the puzzle. Then maybe it can help others down the road.
  20. Wow, I'm speechless. That's crazy that happened. Your new new setup will sound better, more power and bigger sub. Can you post a picture?
  21. Thats good to hear, literally. Lol i don't like buying referb especially on electronics. So so now you are all set, just follow the instructions in the manual in how to set volume and gains. I also suggest do not use bass boost on the side of the kicker. Leave that at zero.