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  1. I am hoping someone can help me find the turn signal wires to wire up a key less entry system. I tried a popular alarm wiring diagram website but all the plug colors and wire colors are not matching.
  2. I cant seem to find where the wire for the horn is on my 2019 spark ls, any idea's? I tried the brown/white wire on the brown plug but no go. I agree that those 26 pin cables are a pain to get to.
  3. I saw in the manual to engage parking break first on an incline then shift into park.


  4. Does anyone know where the actual central door lock brain is?
  5. on my 2019 ls i found the wires going to the actual physical lock in the door. I wired in the wires to go to the front driver's side door. It took a while to figure out how to run the wiring down the upper part of the hatch door, through the rubber tubing and back into the car on the driver's side. Then connected wires to a momentary switch. Looking to later have the car door locks and viper system installed. I got a quote of 499 dollars locally in central Florida. Tinting later for about $149, also ebay has a really cool storm trooper rear window decal I want the tinter to install as well.