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  1. A/C

    Hello, I've been scouring the internet and I cannot find a suitable answer to this issue. Please give some insight if you have any. First my 2014 Chevy Spark doesn't blow air at all, no temperature at the vents, no settings work whatsoever, tried all options. Tested all fuses I have been able to access from the fuse boxes. Two possibilities I have found that seem most likely: A/C fuse relay bad or blower motor resistor bad. For the A/C relay specifically I'm looking for help: when you go to the fuse box diagram under the hood it says A/C relay but it has dotted lines around it. The location has a plastic cover that is part of the fuse box and isn't removable. Literally there is no relay there. No one online seems to have any answer for this. Please can someone just tell me where this relay is? Please don't say just remove it it literally isn't there where is it? Please don't say just check something else can someone just answer specifically how to access the A/C relay?? I know people are used to older models having relays right there and don't understand why someone asking - please don't just blow off the question
  2. I have the same issue, any figure this out?