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  1. Hey all. Im considering buying a 2014 Spark but noticed its making a weird tapping/ticking noise. I attached a video. What do you think? Is it the PCV valve or a bad lifter? IMG_3329.MOV
  2. Hey everyone! I'm brand new here but I've been lurking and reading the last few days on here. I'd like to start by thanking EVERYONE that has contributed to this forum. This is a great community and I'm thankful for the people that make it happen. I am currently looking for a good commuter car to get back and forth to work, about 170 miles a day. After doing some searching I found good reviews on the Spark. A local dealership has a 2014 LS Manual with 55,000 miles for just under 6k. Seems like a good deal and since the Spark gets such good gas mileage it seems like a good fit. How many miles can I expect to get out of this girl before I run into a major(expensive) problem. Of course I know not all cars are the same and how it was taken care of before is a HUGE factor, but is it common for these cars to run for 150k miles? This one in particular has the service records on it and it seems it was well maintained at the dealership. Also, will running this car at 70-75 mph every day be an issue? Thanks in advance for your input!!