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  1. Hi I bought a used Chevrolet Spark 1.0 ESP 5D (2010 Danish) in august, but it seems to have a strange electrical error which three different repair shops couldn’t solve. The issue: When driving, the engine suddenly stops, and the fuse EMS2 blown (one of the times, EMS1 where also blown). And the car couldn't start again, but when the fuse(s) were replaced the car could start again. One of the main issues seems to find a proper electrical wiring diagram of the car, as the diagram the shops were able to find, did not have fuses EMS1 and EMS2 connected to anything. The issue can’t easily be replicated, as is seems to happen randomly, in the period I have owned the car, this have happened three times, with a couple of months between. If you by any chance have heard about a similar issue, I would appreciate any hint or help. Or if you have an electrical wiring diagram of the car, or could tell what EMS1 and EMS2 is connected to in the model, it would be appreciated. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.