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  1. Boby, So correct, you have to love the size of this car. I have a 2016 Silverado 4 door. It is a Simi compared to this little thing. But that's why I bought it. Wanted the best of both worlds. I let the wife drive the truck and save on the mileage for it, and gas of course. She does not go that many places, she is a home wife / Mother. I drive the Spark, Love it.
  2. Ok guy's/Gal's I know I have had my Spark less than a week now. But I have fallen in Love with this little car. It drives better and Bigger than it really is. The only two problems that I have with it , is that it has no center console. GM you really do need to put one in this car. I have the Auto, and just not enough room or glove box space for my needs. 2nd is the infotainment system really is slow. My 2016 Silverado is really quick. The one in the Spark is snail speed at best. I do not feel the Spark is under powered at all. I have no problems getting up to speed and onto the interstate and she is not even floored. Just regular peddle push to get her there.
  3. Thanks, Glad to know about the one bar is approx. 7 gallons. Think I will try it. I have been driving it quite a bit the last two days. Absolutely love it. So easy to drive and handles really well. I like that I can move in small places at parking lots. Heck I can even do a U turn in my drive way with it. I can not do that with my truck, not even close.
  4. Ray thank you very much for the warning. I do have to keep the factory intervals up on service. But they say I can change the oil and things just keep receipts and write down the mile on the receipts. The 30,000 and 60,000 mile check up have to be done by them. Guy's/Gal's Picked up little Red today. First I have laid my eyes on the interior. Have not even drove or heard it run till I picked it up. Man I really Love the way this little car drives. I figured power would be very weak. Nope what a surprise, this little car was far better than I even expected. A+++ for General Motors
  5. Guy's/Gal's I have been looking at new cars for a while. I have a 2016 Chevy Silverado that me and my wife Love. But she does not work and has to go get the grand kids off to school in mornings. So we are really racking the miles up on our truck (only vehicle we have) and paying out $80 a week in gas. So I am looking to get the smallest car I can fund for the 18 mile trip to work every day. I have settled on a new 2019 2LT Spark. I have read and read about the CVT transmission. Lot of complaints and then again a lot of people just seem to love them. So I am a little worried about that. The dealer I am purchasing it through gives you a Lifetime powertrain warranty, that makes the worry a lot less. I really like everything about this car and am excited to get it. I will leave my truck with the wife so she has something at home and wont rack the miles up on it near as quickly. I plan to drive the wheels off my new Spark though. I am picking it up in a couple hours. Took care of the loan paperwork yesterday afternoon at the bank/credit union.