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  1. I've put mine on a mount above screws holding front number plate on! LED's, they look amazing and work superbly being in centre of car. I have good quality LED bulbs in headlight and they come on with high beam. LED bulbs good but high beam merely adds light on top of low, low beam stays on, but it needed some more fill. Apologies dark here in NZ and raining so got a quick pic to show you position lights off.
  2. We have a 62mph (100kmh) speed limit in NZ, 30mph in town. After having kept figures for almost 6,000 miles I average around town 45mpg and on open road 55mpg in my 2016 New Zealand LS (Holden Spark). Air Con on too,
  3. You should buy an LED bulb with a filter behind them. Mine are brilliant quality and a good brand but cause an FM station hiss. I'm a Spotify boy so doesn't worry me but I have had car checked to ensure they aren't causing issues and they aren't. You can use Ferrite filter put on the cables to bulb. They help but you need a few!
  4. Hi, I'm wanting to replace the standard pads in my 2016 Holden (NZ) Spark LS. Holden used to stock an aftermarket replacement but due sticker price they hardly sold any so stopped doing so. I have looked extensively and can't seem to find one -- Brembo makes one but isn't quite right. I know you guys are in the US but things like Engine, trans, steering, brakes, body etc are the same for your Chevy's as for my Down Under Holden. All I need is a link to Amazon or similar. My thanks
  5. I got a 2016 LS last December and love it. Have begun some mods to make it more me. What would you like to know, may be able to help?
  6. Will this work???
  7. I've been trying to figure an armrest solution for ages for my 2016 LS! Thank you, I'm Googling/Ebay-ing to find one here in New Zealand!
  8. The fan in my 2016 LS is almost constantly on 3! The airflow out of vents in front of dash is almost like an asthmatic blowing hard! I've found best way to be comfortable is to select front window defrost/feet on 4, then back to 3. Then 2 after a wee while. A/C is ok, but not brilliant, defrost mode seems to work well. I was told that if you arrive at car on a hot day, open both windows then slam driver door toward close a couple of times. Hot Air will be forced out passenger window. Works!
  9. I'm going to look those up, been wanting deflectors!!
  10. I got a set of these W21/5W LED bulbs off AliExpress and replaced the incadescent bulbs. They glow actual white and are much brighter than original! If not from AliExpress, go for a hunt around an auto shop nearby. You have lots and lots of them in the USA - we don't here in Middle Earth!,searchweb201602_5_10065_10068_10547_319_10059_10884_317_10548_10887_10696_100031_321_322_10084_453_454_10083_10103_10618_431_10307_537_536,searchweb201603_51,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=aa1a8c13-a3d7-4e5f-91cf-88a14107dee9-4&algo_pvid=aa1a8c13-a3d7-4e5f-91cf-88a14107dee9
  11. I did a 0-100kmh (62mph) test a couple of times today on 98 octane and best time was 11.6 sec! I believe the 98 is brilliant but am wondering reading around here. We have 91, 95 + 98 choice in NZ
  12. Hmmm maybe a point Alex. I put 98 octane in for a cross country drive today and was impressed at the performance difference. Does Spark respond to a very high octane rating?? I've normally used 91. I'm in New Zealand and have a Holden Spark LS
  13. I've been wondering about fuel type. Here in NZ we have 91, 95 or 98 octane ratings. Plus an ethanol blend but Spark can't use that from owners manual. Plus its insanely expensive! I've been using 91 and its good. Put a tank of 98 in today for a trial for a near 300km drive and wow, very noticeable performance difference! However it's NZD$2 a litre - USD$7.60 a US gallon! I'm going to empty it and try 95 - which is only - only! - $1.92 a litre. Owners manual says it will take all octanes. Guess wallet is decider as performance even on 91 is more than ok.