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  1. Here are my real world stats on this topic using my 2016 gas Spark with CVT.... Towed about an 850 lb pop up camper (it's a tiny pop up--much smaller than even a normal pop up) 200 miles through Kentucky. It did perfectly fine handling/pulling/stopping. The car was loaded with just me, a large cooler, and moderate amount of luggage for one. To tow somewhere that has more sustained hills would be worrisome. I would fear heating up components in the mechanics (especially the CVT). Unfortunately there isn't really any space to beef up with some aftermarket cooling components. I think the CVT already has a transmission oil cooler which implies to me it gets hot even under normal conditions. So in easy conditions, I'd say a Spark can handle about 1500 lbs of total cargo (trailer plus whatever else is in the car). If you've got something half that (maybe a riding mower on a small cheap Lowe's trailer, you probably have absolutely nothing to worry about as long as you can balance the trailer weight correctly (about 60-70% of the weight between the hitch and trailer axle) and still keep under the 200lb tongue capacity of the Curt hitch.