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  1. No problem plenty of room.
  2. The transmission cooler in the radiator leaked so instead of trying to flush the transmission, I got another transmission out of a 3,000 mile wrecked Spark and swapped it out. Back for sale in a few weeks at $6500. Pictures and details at:
  3. My 2017. For sale at $6500. Details:
  4. Well, decided to take out together from the top. Biggest concern was not to open up the A/C since it uses the R1234yf freon at about $100 a pound. Was barely able to swing the compressor and condenser aside.
  5. Then how about lifting them them out together from the top? Don't think I could raise the body high enough to drop the cradle.
  6. And if so, does it come out the top or bottom?
  7. I have a 2017 automatic on Ebay right now for less than that.
  8. Dropped the price under $6,000 and relisted on Ebay at:
  9. Not my house. I take pictures of all my cars in front of the million dollar homes a mile up the road.
  10. Listed on Ebay for $6,500 or less at:|1000|2500
  11. Not much you can do except park in a climate controlled garage. Moisture forms on the rotors and drums overnight causing surface rust. Wears away the first few times you brake.
  12. Car will be fine but that commute is crazy. Can't you move closer to work or get a job where you live?
  13. Didn't bring enough on Ebay. Open to offers.
  14. Listed on Ebay at: Any comments or suggestions about the ad welcome. A few bids to start it off wouldn't hurt either.
  15. Finished cleaning it up before putting it up for sale shortly. 100 more pictures at: