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  1. My 17 LS has an arm rest. Didn't the 16s come with them too?
  2. Who is THEY? If it had remaining GM powertrain warranty, why wasn't it taken to a Chevy dealer for repair? They would have likely put in a new transmission because they don't repair them.
  3. What round oil filter housing? Not showing on the parts diagram for 2016 models. 1 Disassembled Views_Document ID_4109175.pdf And isn't the pan gasket reusable at that price?
  4. Wheel is bent but still usable. $15. Great for a full size spare. Can put on a decent tire for $15. Pair of wheelcovers are scratched up. One was in the trunk because it wouldn't stay on. Between the two covers and 8 caps you should get one usable piece. $15 for the pair. "" ""
  5. Factory kit bought on Ebay from a Korean seller for $32.
  6. Never mind, picked up a new wheel and 2 wheelcovers for less than what most placed wanted for scratched up used ones.
  7. Here is what 111,000 mile plugs look like. Some white deposits and increased gap but runs fine.
  8. Or a steel wheel or two and wheel covers.
  9. 2017
  10. Don't know why my link doesn't show the picture directly.
  11. Saw a thread here about adding flip keys and activating the remote keyless entry function. Well, I got a pair of these on Ebay for under $20. After cutting the blades I programmed them according to the directions in the owners manual. They work great. Lock and unlock the drivers door and set the alarm. Two presses of lock button chirps the horn to confirm.
  12. Just ordered on RockAuto. The Durago drums and Centric shoes. $40.46 shipped. Was only charged $6.99 shipping but if I selected another brand of drums it would have been $15.
  13. Just tried to remove a plug to check condition and my regular plug socket is too big. Turns out you need a 14mm plug socket. Ended up using a regular deep 14mm socket and a magnet to get a plug out. Will get the correct plug socket while waiting for the plugs I ordered.
  14. HAHA, I meant removing the transmission from the car and replacing it with another if you're replying to me.
  15. I might be changing the transmission and might have to look for details there too.