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  1. Found the problem. The Moog hub/bearing assy I bought through Pepboys did not have a reluctor ring as if it were for non-ABS vehicles. To my knowledge there are no non-ABS 2013 Sparks. Called Moog and reported the problem. My advice, keep the original hub and replace just the wheel bearing. The only reason I didn't do that was because the assy was $111 and the bearing only was $80. It would have cost at least $20 to press out/in and I figured the convenience of simply installing the hub assy was worth the additional $10. Make sure any non-dealer hub you buy has the reluctor installed.
  2. Changed the rear wheel bearing on my 2013 Spark and the ABS and Trac control lights immediately came on. The R&R was simple: pulled the tire, removed the drum, removed the axle nut, pulled the old hub/bearing and replaced with a Moog. I purchased ChiltonDIY online manual since couldn't find one in the store. The removal procedure differed in that the manual said to pull the spindle and hub as a unit and then separate them in a vice. Not sure why; I pulled the hub/bearing just fine, and no problem installing the new. Not sure why this tripped the lights. Anyone experience this? Anyone heard of rust loading on the sensor?