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  1. I’m in the UK. This morning is -0.5°. the “only when cold” comments appears to be a red herring….a coincidence. I decided to leave the battery on charge overnight, and this morning it started straight away. That still doesn’t point to battery. Its only not started on 2 occasions. The first was early morning, the second was late afternoon. I will get it serviced again, but meanwhile any suggestions will be very helpful.
  2. I have a Chevrolet Spark, 2013, 1.0 Petrol with 13,000 miles on it. Just this week, as the cold weather starts, my car intermittently won’t start. It turns over, and eventually starts. Once started and warm, its ok. I see lots of posts online for similar issues, but none shows a definite fix. Lots of battery swaps, alternator and plugs, even talk of keys but all have swapped lots of parts without confidence. I have had the battery tested and its ok, dug out the second key, although key doesn’t make sense if its only from cold. There are so many posts online ref this issue, yet nobody has a fix. Any help would be good.