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  1. The daylight running lights on my 2016 spark ls started flickering and then quit working entirely. I want to check the fuse but there is no fuse labeled DRL in either the cabin or engine compartment fuse boxes. Please assist.
  2. Ok my day light running lights began to flicker earlier and then turned off, now they are not working. My parking lights still come on if I switch them on manually. I think it may be the fuse, but I checked both fuse boxes and there is no fuse labeled DRL... Can someone help me locate the correct fuse?
  3. Hello, I'm new, just bought a 2016 spark ls and I have a question about the tire pressure monitoring system. I found a set of alloy wheels off a 2013 spark that I would like to put on my 2016 spark ls (which has steel wheels stock)... I want to know if it is possible to move and mount the tire pressure sensors from my 2016 steel wheels onto the 2013 alloy wheels?