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  1. I've put off getting the recall work done on my 2016 Spark LS (27k miles). Then it needed the door lock fixed & oil changed, so in it went. The CVT controller recall was just a reflash. Doesn't seem to be doing anything weird yet. When they did the airbag recall fix, they installed a spanking new dash cover. My old dash cover had large scratches from its previous owner's fits of frenzied sharpened-fingernail drum solos (?)......but no more, it's all new new new! Hey, I am easily amused. The door lock was stripped and the handle had a crack (previous owner). They replaced both, replaced the latch mechanism too. I am a very happy camper.....I have my beautiful purple Spark back! .....and the work was all covered by warranty. Plus: The dealer gave me a 2018 Trax AWD LT to drive. I didn't even buy the car from this dealer, it's just that they are very close to me. But I'll be looking there in a few months when its time to trade-in my wife's Escape. They treated me right, beyond what warranty required.
  2. I guess I should say "Hello". I've been reading the forum for several months, but finally registered yesterday. Picked up a Spark in March of 2018 and love it. Nothing fancy, but it's great for my purposes. I got tired of buying gasoline to haul around 3500 pounds of '2005 Escape' which normally only contained 'me'. I researched all of the sub-compacts, test drove a few, sat in a whole lot of different cars.....most did not fit me. The Spark's tall headroom and pump-up adjustable driver's seat were precisely what I needed! There is much more room inside the Spark than many of the other sub-compacts i looked at. I had planned on buying a Fiat 500 (Abarth) originally, but the Spark is just far more comfortable....slower, but more comfortable. NOTE: GM's decision to include the infotainment center as standard is fantastic! The 7" screen is wonderful and Android Auto (with Google Play) is amazing. 2016 Spark LS .... CVT transmission ... Kalamata Metallic (can you say purple?) I have some black&chrome Drag DR-19 mesh wheels on it, all windows tinted, and I added a little chrome exhaust extension. Plans are to install fog lights, change out the tires, add a center armrest, Chevy logo floor carpet/mats with purple Spark logos, upgrade the speakers....etc etc etc....