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  1. What's this bad boy's top speed?
  2. go for e85. With the engine size you have (1.4L cruze right?) there's no negative to it. Better performance, better for the environment, and better for the economy. Haven't done the math to see what costs more e10 (standard in america) and e85. The difference is a matter of cents so I haven't bothered. I'll post updates as I complete my performance Spark.
  3. So far I've decided that I'll put a drag bar to avoid destroying the bumper every run. I'm pretty set on an ethanol blend. Just seems too good to avoid. Haven't really locked in tuning details quite yet. I'll start with a muffler swap, cold air intake installation and an engine swap. I have to look more into exactly how to safely put an engine in the backseat. I don't want to have to deal with redesigning everything under the hood to make an acceptable fit. Been through that before with a buddy's Smart car boost and don't feel like going through that again. Believe it or not, this also isn't the only Spark I own. A lot of details still need to be determined.
  4. I desperately want to boost my Spark after seeing a video demoing a drifter smart car mod. Top speed isn't as much of the goal as acceleration and handling (but if it gets over 150mph I won't complain lol). I'm open to pretty much anything. It won't be my daily driver. I'm also down to put the engine in the back seat if necessary.
  5. following
  6. I own a 2015 Spark LS and I need to pick up a 2014 Chevy Spark LT in Lincoln Nebraska (8 hours from my current location). Can a Spark tow a Spark?