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  1. Hello Fellow spark owners I’m here to help anyone who is unsure of changing out their shift knob for a 2016 chevy. So First off you will need to find a shift knob that is universal and works for AUTOMATIC. After you’ve selected a shift knob you will then need a fine flathead and a microfiber towel after that you’ll see a small plastic-chrome piece on the bottom front of the shift knob, gently pry off the piece with the flathead then you’ll see a j-ring that is holding the bottom, you will then pry it gently and it should slide to the passenger side seat after that you will need a little Woman/Man Power to pull straight up which should then give you accessibility to the rod which then you can put on your new shift knob which depends on brand and style of the shift knob. I personally bought a Marvel HULK Fist shift knob at AUTOZONE part#: MVL-0403 which works for manual and automatic. I hope this has been helpful if you have any concerns or questions let me know and I will get back too you within a day.