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  1. I couldn't smell anything, I could just hear a hissing sound. It didn't happen as soon as I got it recharged it worked fine for like 2 days but the hissing was a couple of days afterwards, which was strange.
  2. When i first got the car the AC wasnt working, I thought maybe it was just low on coolant I got it recharged and after a couple of days when I turned the AC on, it made a hissing sound and eventually stopped blowing cold again. Is this a common issue? I could hear the hissing from inside the cabin, do you think theres a leak in the line or could it be a compressor? I have a UV torch but I don't really even know where the compressor/condensor is in the car to check for a leak. Does an AC repair run a lot of money?
  3. Thanks for your help, I just want to remove it to do some repairs, I bought it with a couple of bumper cracks so it would be way easier to do so without it being on the car. There looks to be a screw behind the fender liner, can't see if they're hex or torx screws though. I'm assuming there are also some screws behind the rear headlights. Hoping the reverse sensors will just unplug, too.
  4. Would like to do some repairs on the bumper of my spark but can't really find any instructions for removal.