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  1. In the pic you posted, it looks like the fog lights on the blue LS have chrome trim. The dealer told if ordered fog lights for my LS, the lights would have chrome trim. Only the grill is different. There are aftermarket fog lights on eBay without any chrome.
  2. Is it safe to assume I can put these 2013-2015 wheels on my 2018? As far as I can tell, the only difference is the offset (45 mm vs. 50 mm).
  3. I see there was another post about speakers in the LS that had no conclusion. It seems some people thought the LS radio didn't have connections for the rear speakers. I doubt that's true. It would be more expensive for Chevy to manufacture multiple versions of the radio. It's easier for them to manufacture a single radio and not connect speakers to it. The question is whether the radio will automatically send a signal to the speakers or if the radio needs to be updated. I doubt Chevy ran wires to the empty holes as well. Most likely there's no wiring.
  4. I like that the Spark really only has one model with different cosmetic options. It's one of the reasons I chose a Spark. When companies offer both high and low-performance models, the low-end version causes the high-end to lose value. Most people aren't educated about cars and often the cheaper model is the one most often seen on the street. The cheap version becomes the variation that represents the entire range. Having few or only one model makes deciding easier too for me. If there are too many options, I usually give up. I like the look of the Mustang and Challenger, but they have so many variations now that I'm not sure which I would choose. I have an urge to buy the top of the line version, but I can't afford it. I'd feel like I'm settling if I bought a cheaper version.
  5. Did anyone order a 2016-2018 LS from the factory with fog lights? What do they look like? Before I bought my 2018 LS, I played around with the online configurator. I liked the look of the fog lights, but the one on the dealer lot didn't have any options installed. I figured I could add fog lights later. However, after talking to the parts department, it seems the fog light kit I can order is different than what was shown online. The fog light kit from Chevy has chrome around the edge. I don't like chrome. There are fog light kits on eBay that look more like what I saw when I was building the car online (fog lights without chrome accents), but I'd rather buy OEM parts.
  6. I asked about this in the parts department yesterday when I bought my Spark. I wanted the upgraded audio from the LT, but it wasn't an option on the LS. The parts guy told me he could order rear speakers, but he didn't know if the radio would have to be updated to recognize the new speakers. He said I'd have to talk to the service department. I just left after that, but it sounded like they'd be willing to update the radio if necessary. Although, they might only update it if they are the ones that install the speakers. I plan to go back after I get my next paycheck. The sound in the LS is terrible. I want to upgrade it immediately.