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  1. Hi, from the Olympic Peninsula.. I bought my new Spark LS with CVT two weeks ago for 12k.. I traded in my 2003 Ford Focus that I had bought new for 10.6k and they gave me 1.5k for it. I love my new Spark....so much more fun to drive than my manual Focus. The cargo area is much smaller, but because the Spark has 4 doors, I use the back seats to carry things...easy in and out. By the way, my Focus was a two door ZX3 hatchback.
  2. They seemed to have white everything. I went first to look at a white Cruze, but the price they gave me over the phone turned out to be a $1000 more once I had done a test drive. So I test drove one of the two white Sparks that they had, and I realized that this would be a better car for me. I am very happy with it after two weeks. And once in the car, the only place that you can see the color of your car is out the side view mirrors.