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  1. i drove it for 400 miles or so. the tires are quieter than the stock ones. car feels smoother and it seems it was cuz the tires are so much taller, you get more cushion. after i took them off, i put 205 50 15 ventus v2 concept 2 on the stock rims to see how they ride. less noise than the stock. about as much as the cheap west lake 195 60 15. the tires seem a little heavier than the 195s. car sometimes gets into the road groves and i see myself correcting it more often than on the 195s. i do the same 400 miles every week so same roads and condition. I also tried blizzak 195 55 15 all around but those tires are louder than the stock. i got some rims from the bonnies in NJ. after i clean them up ill try them out with some 195 55 15 Michelin tires(if i can find them) i also have contiprocontacts. maybe a premium tire makes lot less noise?
  2. Oz racing ultralaggera 15x7 +37 195 60 15
  3. This is some good progress. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Make sure you post everything so i can follow on a 2017.
  4. Ok i put the rims and tried a couple of tires. I put 205 55 15 and they rubbed. This looked the best. Went down to 205 50 15 and they rubbed. This looked good. The rim offset is too high. Went to 195 50 15 and they were too small And looked ugly. Too much stretch. I have a yaris so decided to try yaris tires on it. Went to 195 60 15. I like it. A bit of stretch not much. No rubbing but car is higher a plus for me since we have plenty of pot wholes to go over Thats my testing for theese rims. Wife didnt like the poking out. at the end of the day i sold them to a coworker for his yaris hatch for $450.
  5. this is going to be interesting. im certain it will fail but let me be optimistic. at least he is trying it. SUBBED
  6. Stick to the oil listed on manual. They could of changed the pump or oil flow for the 2018 model. As far as upf64r its supposed to be better. For those long range oil change intervals. Example on the fiat if i buy the one with the “u” its garanteed for 15000 miles. 15k lol. The regular one says only 6k. The fiat changes every 7k. I use the regular mopar one from dealer. Never had an issue.
  7. Finished painting the ultraleggeras. 2 coats plus 1 clear. Looks good. Only pic i got. This is the spray i used.
  8. I did my 1st 1000 miles. Time to mod. I purchased some oz racing ultralaggera for 250. Ugly orange. 15x7 et37 Started stripping them with aircraft paint stripper. That did not work. Too many layers. These wheels were powdercoated white, then someone painted them black then orange. This is as far as i got. Had to take them to the professionals. In the mean time i wanted to see what the color i wanted looked like so i painted one spark tire. Also was testing tire size for the new wheels. So here is 195/55/15 winter tires in metalic grey. Also tried with no gold. what you guys think of the color?
  9. I paid $11k including all taxes and fees 2 months ago for a new 2017 LT.
  10. I also feel like the brakes are weak. I think its a combination of the cvt and the brakes. If you put in neutral and brake, it feels like regular. When cvt is engaged, it feels like its being dragged. Once i wear them out i will put something better. If they exist.
  11. 15x7 +35 205 50 15
  12. So nice. Looking good Eric
  13. wheels

    you need to go high offset. i have 15x8 in a 40 offset. they stick out the wheel wells a few mm but they dont rub if you using 195 tires. with 205 tires they rub.
  14. how big was the it?
  15. i think you should get it. i paid 10k for a new 2017. the engine seems reliable and the tranny is japan so it should be good too. i love hate the cvt. love that you can do 80mph and it sits at 2200 rpm. cant do that with my fiat screaming at 4000 rpm to do 80mph. Hate the cvt because there is a delay after you gas from a red light. im guessing its cuz the hill assist. maybe???? there is a shorter delay when you want to floor it. just sits there thinking if its going to hunt for a gear or close the pulley. other than that love the color, love the dash, love the engine (sounds good when you floor it) and love the the body shape/style.