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  1. I just bought a used 2014 spark ls and its doing the same...
  2. Where did you get a spare? Did it fit in your trunk?
  3. I just bought a spark with the cold air intake already installed, was not told. I was curious to see how much the stock part would be to put it back the way it was. I do not care for the added noise and increased acceleration, I am actually a new driver and trying to learn on it and its difficult, as would any car. But the pedals are very sensitive, the wheel is very sensitive, so adding that in makes it crazy for me. Also, the filter was coming loose and if I had not taken it in to see what was up, it would have fallen off under my car, maybe even caused a wreck.
  4. Yeah I figured, im new to the whole thing and tried to get people to go with me but everyone was busy, should have known something was up when they knocked 1200 off the price of the car..
  5. SO my front grill is speckled black because most the chrome is starting to peel off. I was curious if there was a way to repaint it or to stop it?
  6. Mine are uneven and starting to bubble so I might take mine off as well if I keep the car...
  7. SO I am financing a 2014 chevy spark from a dealer in town. I test drove and I thought everything was good so we financed it. Turns out I know crap about cars because my sister kept saying how it sounded very loud for a car this size. So we went and checked and found out the air filter was modded in a way that it was in front of my left front tire. Needless to say I am very upset that they never told me it was modified that way, mainly because if I hit a puddle water is gonna flood my engine by being sucked up the filter.. and I am afraid the car won't last the whole time i'm financing. They said if I want it undone that I will have to buy the standard part and they will charge me a fee to replace it. SO I am afraid this is a bad modification for the car and was wondering if anyone had a mod like that and if eventually there will be a downside? I already had it come loose at the filter and was rattling, the mechanic at the dealership was able to reach up and yank it right off, so I am also worried it might come off when I am driving and cause a wreck...
  8. GRATS I just got a red one yesterday!!!