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  1. Good luck Skids, with whatever you drive.
  2. They sure screwed this forum up. Is this supposed to be an improvement?
  3. It's a new leftover 2015 LTZ, with the 1.4 liter turbo, w/ a 6 spd. auto trans. It handles well, soft ride but corners well, lots of goodies, remote start, backup cam, auto lights, the whole ball of wax. My buddy calls it the Spark Deville. Got you on the payment plan, cash up front, I like to sleep nights. Haven't had a chance to take any pix of the interior yet, I took out the rear headrests, they really block a lot, even through the rear view mirror.
  4. I would say there is not a whole lot of difference, outside of a hair more width, when actually sitting in the cabin, naturally, there is a little more length in the hatch. As far as getting in and out, I think that is due to the Sonic being a little lower off of the ground, a bit more of a squat to get in and out...
  5. Thanks, as you can see, I immediately ran out to the side moulding/vent visor store The one thing I've noticed, is the Spark is easier to get in and out of, gotta get some miles on her, but so far I am averaging 25/26 city.
  6. And here is my trusted Spark, sitting up at the dealership, cursing me out, big time. Whoever gets this car, is really getting a great deal.
  7. I stopped by my dealership today, just killing some time on a Saturday, and got to talking with the sales manager, it seems there is a general lack of interest in the new Sparks, although the older used ones are moving fairly well. He asked me if I would be interested in getting rid of mine, and walked me over to a beautiful '15 Sonic LTZ leftover, that was loaded with every option imaginable, bright silver ice paint, and offered me a 5 yr. bumper to bumper warranty, a couple of years of free maintenance, all at an insane price. I couldn't walk away from the deal. I honestly had a lump in my throat, when I signed over the Spark title. I cannot say anything bad about the Spark, once we took the '13 models through their growing pains, and recalls, etc. they turned into great little cars. I will still drop by the forum once in a while, as I really do consider myself a Spark enthusiast, and have an interest as to what is going on with them. I will no longer moderate, as Bluer is a seasoned veteran regarding the Sparks, and by the way Blue, my steering wheel has lights. It's actually been a fun 3 1/2 yrs. Good luck to all.
  8. Good luck to you, this is a known issue, so they should be on top of it. Keep us informed, on how it goes.
  9. You can try the Mylink support # @ (855-478-7767)
  10. I finally got around to putting the Michelin on the rear yesterday, great fit, nice sweep across the glass. No problems, I would recommend this one as a good option.
  11. Nice, I got a real kick out of the Spark police car...
  12. You might want to check out this old thread..... http://chevysparkforum.com/topic/882-scratches/page-1
  13. That's a bummer, I'm going to let this recall ride.