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  1. Thanks! I believe they have the same ECU but I will triple check. The computer is used by a wide range of chevy models and years. Hp tuners also has a vehicle list to check what they cover. I'll let you know here shortly. Edit: after looking it looks like yours may have an e83. It looks like 14 was the first year of the e78 for the spark. I'll look into this more and see what your options are. I've seen some comments on the hp tuners bulletin board mentioning e83. I posted a thread asking about 2013 spark compatibility. I'll let you know if I hear back.
  2. My turbo was delivered today. I purchased a used 2016 chevy Cruze turbo online for $120. I plan to put this on my 2014 chevy spark. I'm expecting to run lower psi but it will be high compression and will run on e30 for the additional octane. I know many will say it can't be done but I intend to try while keeping a reasonable budget. I will document my success or failure here.
  3. I decided I'm going to do my brake calipers in a blue to match my interior and door jams. It will add a little color to the exterior and hopefully will look good. I'll post pics once I get them coated/installed. Here is the blue that I plan to use
  4. I have recently been interested in powder coating. I bought a powder coating gun at harbor freight and with a 20% off coupon, I only spent like $75 with a 1 year warranty. I also ordered 1lb of wrinkle black powder for around $13. I'm interested in maybe doing some parts on my 2014 spark for practice. I think I will end up doing the brake calipers and probably my turbo. In the future I plan on doing my charge pipes but I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for items to powder coat on a spark. Right now my curing oven can only handle smaller parts (old pizza oven) but I'm going to build a decent sized oven in the near future.
  5. I would agree with your assumption that the computer doesn't consider synthetic. I go with my own schedule and reset the warning when it goes off. That's my approach, not sure if it is "right" but it works for me. I use full synthetic and go beyond the warning.
  6. This is my first attempt ever and first coat. I'm planning on doing another coat and looking into the brake calipers
  7. For $45 after tax I picked up this larger toaster oven on sale. You need to bake the item being coated typically for 10 to 20 minutes at 400 F. From what I have read, it depends on the powder used and the item being coated. I'm going to try powder coating my yeti mug and see how it goes. Next up will be my brake calipers
  8. I have a 2014 spark and went with the DC sports CAI. I was happy with the purchase for a few reasons. I believe it was a cheaper option around $150 and it put the intake filter in the fender, far away from engine bay heat. I noticed a nice change in the sound which I think was the biggest change. It seemed zippier in acceleration but I have no way of validating that. For me, if you are going to get rid of the intake box, the intake filter needs to be out of engine bay heat. Installation is pretty straightforward and they use a mounting bracket that attaches near the battery box. You don't have to tKe the bumper off. I removed mine for other work.
  9. I had to shorten the ZZP mid pipe that I bought which was designed for the chevy cruze 1.4 turbo. I picked up a two bolt flange, cut the pipe to fit and welded on the new flange. I used a cheap wire feed welder with flux core wire. This is actually my first real weld since high school. I did a few test lines for wire speed beforehand. It's definitely not pretty but it works and the pipe fits great. I just have to get bolts, gaskets and work on finishing hangers and the exhaust is done.
  10. My zzp midpipe arrived, my oilfeed and fittings arrived, my oil return and fitting for the oil pan arrived, my radiator fan also arrived. I started test fitting my midpipe exhaust and it looks great. I will have to cut a bit to fit and maybe even weld but all of the parts are here and it is easily remedied. I also finally have a welder so I have more flexibility. I installed my aftermarket radiator fan for more space and tested it using HP tuners. Here is a video showing how powerful the fan is on each setting and how much HP tuners can do.
  11. Not sure what year you have (or how much that matters) I found this free subscription that claims to have a 2013 spark wiring diagram. I have not signed up so I'm not sure if it is legit or will help. I recently used Ac Delco's subscription to all GM service manuals. It was $20 for 3 days. I had issue with viewing some of the schematics but got all the info I needed. If you go that route the diagrams should be included. They may have been blocked on my cell/comp. If they are for you I'm sure an email to support would get you what you need.
  12. Thanks to someone on this forum, I got a 3 day subscription for GM service manuals from AC Delco. I looked at both the Spark and the Cruze (both have the e78 ecu). Also, the turbo I am using is from a 2016 Cruze and has the plugs and wires. I believe I am now ready to wire the bypass valve and solenoid. The green wire on the turbo bypass valve goes to pin 32 on the J2 plug on the back of the ecu. The brown and yellow wire on the bypass solenoid goes to pin 63 on plug J2. The other two wires should go to a power source. Once wired and enabled, the bypass valve and solenoid should be controlled by the stock ecu based on the settings I set using HP tuners. It appears all relevant tables for the turbo are accessible in the spark ecu through hp tuners. It is just a matter of enabling them.
  13. Yeah, the bolts on the side go straight into the frame and no nuts to keep track of. I bought this material from Noico. It's like a rubber adhesive that I put on the entire back cabin and trunk area to reduce noise. Turned out I had a bad wheel bearing/bent rim. After I replaced those and installed the Noico material it's really nice and quiet. Obviously the majority of the noise was the wheel bearing issue but I think I paid like $35 on amazon for the material and would do it again.This is all covered by carpet.
  14. Haha no, the original post 2017spark asked about the draining and refilling procedure for the CVT.
  15. I found the info for cvt. I'll summarize it and post. Otherwise, $20 is not a bad price and you get pictures with it.
  16. I think this is what I need. I'm going to give it a shot. Sorry for derailing the post. 2017 Spark, I'll look into your question when I order the subscription if you haven't figured it out yet.
  17. To your point, it doesn't say they aren't included, I just didn't see them listed. There was another similar service that I used when I replaced my injectors but I can't for the life of me remember the site. It was like $15 for 24 hours but it was access to all of the vehicles they covered. I like your sites price and time better. Anyways, I should look more into this. Thanks again!
  18. I removed my back seats and put some noise reducing material down. If you just take the seats out they are incredibly easy to put back. I've taken them out and put them back dozens of times now without issue. I have a 2014. Best of luck and safe travels
  19. Thank you! I've been looking for some additional wiring information and this may have exactly what I need. Edit: doesn't look like electrical diagrams are included. To be continued. Good info though, thanks!
  20. Those rims are legit! Looks great
  21. I was planning on moving the radiator more which I may still do but I'm thinking I will buy a reasonably priced radiator fan that is slimmer than the stock fan. I'm not worried about temps as much as gaining space.
  22. I heat wrapped the exhaust manifold. I'm still new to exhaust wraps but I think it looks better than the stock heatshield(not that it would fit) and is probably more effective. I plan on getting a turbo blanket as well in the near future.
  23. I finally was able to get the exhaust manifold to bolt on to the turbo. My uncle helped weld on the bolt threads and I'm really happy with how it worked out. I still have to move the radiator and hose a bit but I was able to fit the turbo in with the downpipe on for a test fit. The downpipe looks like it will work perfect with the midpipe I ordered and the rest of the exhaust. I will be wrapping the exhaust manifold for heat reduction and start working on the oil lines next.
  24. I noticed driving style was a major factor. Is your dash reading also around 50mpg? Sorry, just read your comment again. Very impressive. My goal is $ per mile and power. I'm converting to e85 and throwing a turbo on. I am excited for the turbo and the CVT combo. I will not come close to the mpg you reached. What are your eco hacks? You could probably use hp tuners for more but it is spendy and 50 is pretty insane as is. You could find someone local with the set up. I'm MN based One potential useful tip is thinking aerodynamics. Those fog light spots where there are just grey indents should be smoothed out. One day I covered them with painters tape for fun. Seemed to help a tad but I didn't do any serious testing. A more permanent option like bondo might work if the results are good
  25. I've hooked up my flex fuel sensor just before the fuel rail and wired it to the ecm. The next step is to enable the sensor in hp tuners.