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  1. The roof rack looks really cool. Any info on the rack? Nice ride!
  2. Took the canoe out on the lake and I was too lazy to take it off before starting to work on my intercooler and charge pipe. A cool look for little blue that I thought it was worth a picture
  3. Based on the previous quote, if I plan on running even 5 psi of boost, I will need to increase these values. I'm not sure maxing these out is the best approach. To be determined.
  4. I just ordered the VCM suite from HP Tuners with the MVI2. My interest in tuning my spark came from the turbo project I am currently working on. I plan to familiarize myself with the tuner before the turbo project is complete and I will share my experience here.
  5. My turbo was delivered today. I purchased a used 2016 chevy Cruze turbo online for $120. I plan to put this on my 2014 chevy spark. I'm expecting to run lower psi but it will be high compression and will run on e30 for the additional octane. I know many will say it can't be done but I intend to try while keeping a reasonable budget. I will document my success or failure here.
  6. Here is a very helpful overview of using HP tuners on a torque management system like the Chevy Spark's e78: The Driver Demand table is now a crucial part of the calibrators’ lexicon. The ECM uses Desired Throttle Torque to calculate the Desired MAP, which in turn uses Throttle Inlet Absolute Pressure sensor to determine how much to open the throttle blade to achieve the Desired MAP. This is crucial to understand because in a turbo application, you could crank up the boost and make the same power because the throttle closes to compensate. Now the Driver Demand tables are what command engine power based on vehicle speed and position of the gas pedal. From there it is converted into Driver Demand Axle Torque, where it is calculated by a number of things including Axle Torque Limits, Maximum and Brake Torque Limits.
  7. Two screws to take off the tail lights and there is a screw under or behind each light. Teo alan head screws on the underneath comnecting to the wheel wells. 4 screws total and the sides snap in and out or clip.
  8. What type of engine are you interested in? This idea of putting the engine you want in the car and putting it in the back for space is really appealing to me.
  9. The catback system fits really well and lines up nicely with the "channel" for the exhaust. The mid pipe does not seem like it will work so I will have to look into that a bit. Time to cut into the rear bumper. There are literally 4 screws and a couple of clips holding it on.
  10. True, e85 is actually very cheap where I live. I live in the corn belt of the USA where the majority of ethanol is produced. E blends are abundant where I live. The engine is actually a 1.2. But I'm hoping to rely on that extra octane and high compression to make my car zippy. You are rightabout e85 though. I can remove anti knock limiters more when I run higher octane. Have you looked into hp tuners? I suppose it depends on what engine/ computer you go with.
  11. I agree 100% on the ethanol. I use e30 now but I may bump it up to e85 after I get my turbo installed. Keep us posted, your project sounds awesome.
  12. Good luck! I'm definitely following. What do you have in mind as far as details so far? Are you going to run an ethanol blend for the additional octane? Also what are you thinking for tuning? Sorry for all the questions just pumped to see someone with a similar plan!
  13. Haha weird, I have had my fair share of random technical issues on this site. Great community though.
  14. Yeah, this looks great! I'm convinced. Thanks!
  15. The exhaust on my Spark is not visible beyond therear bumper. With the Sonic exhaust I believe I will need to address where the exhaust and bumper meet. I actually really like this look and I have only seen it once in person but I'm not interested at this price. I may end up with a DIY version via the Dremel. To be continued.
  16. I did matte black on my rims and emblem and love the look. It costs nothing and looks a lot better
  17. Gearhead, your statement is consistent with what I see from my vcm scanner, highest temp I saw was 216 F. Runs between 200 and 216F on my Spark.
  18. HP tuners has what you are looking for. MVI2. I use it on my 2014 chevy spark. I'm happy so far. There may be cheaper options but this also lets you write to the vehicle if you pay for the license (an additional $100)
  19. Also check out hp tuners if you are interested in tuning yourself. Your car should be covered. Depends on budget, interests and end goal but I'm happywith it so far.
  20. I'm getting ready to cut the cold air intake pipe and finalize my charge pipes. In the process, I decided the blow off valve will need to be moved a bit. You can see it on the right side of the picture. I also was brainstorming on locations for the intake. If everything falls into place, I will mount it near the passenger headlight. There is a section in the grill designed for airflow that lines up perfectly with the intake.
  21. I took my mirror (back?) Off. As I mentioned, my mirror is cracked on the bottom piece that actually connects to the car. My mirror back popped off and their are no screws or bolts. I took a picture of the inside to show where the snaps or connecting points are. Carefully work them off and you should be good. If you are putting new ones on it may not be the end of the world if the pieces you are removing end up cracked. Best of luck!
  22. I have a cracked one that may offer me a good look in to what's holding them together. I'll take a look and let you know what I see. I have a 2014, not sure what year you have.
  23. Thanks! I have been having a lot of fun. I try to document the process as much as possible to hopefully help others (if not from success from my failures along the way). It's a learning process and we all learn better together.
  24. I run e30 in my car currently and due to the differences in fuel, I would like to tune the vehicle to run as efficiently as possible. One change is the stoichiometric air fuel ratio, which basically means best fuel to air mixture. 87 octane regular fuel is around 14.7. The more ethanol you add, the richer you need to run to compensate for lower energy content. As the chart below shows, 13 air to fuel ratio is ideal for e30. Below are screenshots of the stock 14.7 setting and after I changed it to 13.0. My car does not have an alcohol sensor so I changed all values in the table.
  25. The exhaust comes off very easily. It is held on by rubber mounts. The Sonic exhaust should be a great fit as they seem to run an identical route.