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  1. I'm still working on setting up all of the channels that I need to log to properly tune the spark but it appears my flex fuel sensor is working properly and is being tracked in the vcm scanner. I also got the blow off valve to chirp a bit in the clip below. My AFR gauge is reading lean because the o2 sensor was open at this time.
  2. My turbo was delivered today. I purchased a used 2016 chevy Cruze turbo online for $120. I plan to put this on my 2014 chevy spark. I'm expecting to run lower psi but it will be high compression and will run on e30 for the additional octane. I know many will say it can't be done but I intend to try while keeping a reasonable budget. I will document my success or failure here.
  3. I changed up my oil feed line to the turbo. I had a metal braided line before but I needed a restrictor. I ended up using this black and blue line and I picked up an adjustable valve so I can adjust the oil fee as needed. It fixed the oil problem now I need to tune the car. I found a few videos explaining how to use the wide band, vcm scanner, and hp tuners to adjust where needed and taking out the guess work. I'm going to learn how to do it and post a video once I have everything set up and ready to tune.
  4. I quickly rinsed off the spark today. It is still pretty dirty and in need of touch up work on the paint but I like how the look is coming together
  5. I've decided to paint my car matte black. Here's a preview of the color. I'm pretty excited about color. I plan on finishing painting before winter.
  6. There are 2 o2 sensors on my 2014 spark. The first is accessible under the hood in front of the engine and under the heatsheild covering the exhaust. It comes out of the exhaust just before the first big catalytic converter. The second o2 sensor is under the car in the middle of the exhaust, near the oil pan area. This is the post catalytic converter and likely the one you are interested in as it should be sensor 2 (further downstream) If you rule out a wiring issue and determine the sensor is still good, it may be a bad catalytic converter. You can replace the converter or put an anti spark plug fouler on the end to bring the o2 sensor further out of the exhaust so it picks up less emissions and doesn't trigger a code. I found this, it may be helpful as well: Take the sensors from bank 2 and swap them with bank 1, clear the code and drive around, if the code comes up as bank 2 again, you'll know it's the cat, if the code comes up as bank 1 it's the sensors. the sensors can be tested with a multimeter, checking resistance on each pin. Hope this helps out!
  7. I'm working on mounting the wastegate but I couldn't help wiring the wastegate valve shut on the exhaust and seeing if it could make boost. I started it up with my brand new battery and she is making boost! I need to work on the tune badly but I wanted to capture some of the noise.
  8. Since my last post I ordered a new wiring plug for the injector. I have wired up the new plug and it fixed the misfire issue and injector 4 seems to work fine. I filled my tank with e85 and the vehicle starts and runs on the fuel just fine with the new pump and injectors. The idle is not terrible for how little tuning I did to it and my lack of experience in tuning. Today, I'm working on hooking up the wastegate to start building boost. I'm picking up a new battery and some hose clamps for the radiator hose I put the 90 bend in. I'm also going to move some exhaust hanging points around to tidy up and finalize the exhaust. I also need to finish hooking up the wideband for air fuel ratio and the boost gauge. The only check engine codes are for o2 sensors and my throttle but no major issues as of now.
  9. From the responses I have gotten on the HP tuners forum, the e78 is covered. It is not specifically listed by vehicle make model and year on the HP Tuners vehicle list but neither was mine until I reached out to their customer support. If you are interested, I would reach out to them and ask if your vehicle is covered. Let me know if you have additional questions
  10. I have been tinkering with tuning the idle and investigating various check engine lights. I cleaned the spark plugs as well. I haven't made significant progress but I do believe I have established direction. Here is a video update.
  11. With all of the codes in hp tuners popping up and the sound from the engine, Im fairly certain the 4th cylinder is not firing and it is due to an issue with the injector and I'm assuming it is related to the electrical connection. I'm going to pull the sparkplug and see if it is dry to confirm my suspicion and look to tinker with the connection. Unfortunately, pulling the injectors is a massive task on these cars.
  12. I flashed a new tune to address the significantly larger injectors. It seems to have helped the idle quite a bit. I still haven't fully hooked up the exhaust since working on the fuel pump so it is louder than it will be when completed.
  13. It finally fired up! I confirmed the fuel pump was working and hooked it back up and gave it a try. The current tune is not adjusting for the injector size so it is running extremely rich. It also is clear I will need an oil restrictor on the turbo feed. It's not much but here is a video of me geeking out in excitement as it fires up for the first time since putting on the turbo.
  14. I pulled the fuel pump basket and noticed the fuel line was disconnected just after the fuel pump in the fuel basket. Amateur hour move on my part, I used too short of a line (stock after I cut it off the stock fuel pump) and it disconnected. I tested the wiring and the pump fired right up. I'm going to hook up a longer fuel line and hopefully the car should be getting fuel.
  15. Just as an update, I have identified the issue that is preventing the car from starting as lack of fuel. Specifically, it is a fuel pump issue. I have been traveling a lot for work so I haven't been able to focus as much on the car. I have dropped the gas tank and I'm beginning to troubleshoot the issue. I believe it is related to wiring. HP tuners has a feature that allows you to turn on the fuel pump so I plan to use that as I investigate the issue. On a positive note, I am getting oil to the turbo. Confirmed by a small leak on the return side. Once I get it running, I plan on changing the oil fairly soon and will use the gasket tube stuff I used for the oil pan which has no leaks
  16. All of my oil lines are hooked up, I've put gaskets on all of the exhaust connections, everything is set to start. I have tried to start it but I'm getting a laundry list of codes in HP tuners. Nothing to concerning but one injector does seem to have a bad wiring connection. I'm going to work through these and the next post should be a video of the car running. Fingers crossed.
  17. If you do determine it is the oil pan, I recommend using a small crow bar to break the oil pan loose. I just took mine off and it was a bit of a pain but with a crowbar you can break the seal from the front. There is no solid gasket but a sticky liquid gasket must have been used. I bought permatex ultra black and put it back on tonight. There was a little panel on the driver's side that covered three bolts holding the pan on. There are three bolts holding that panel on as well.
  18. It doesn't look great but it works perfect and is out of the way of the turbo. The oil feed line screws right into the right side. I'm going to pick up gasket maker for the oil pan and the exhaust as well as a new oil filter and oil. I might actually get to start it up tonight.
  19. Here is the oil switch where I will be connecting my oil feed. I'm going to use a T fitting to tap into the oil supply. This switch has always been an issue for space and was about as close to the turbo as possible without touching. I'm planning on having the switch repositioned with the T to allow for more space. I'll take another picture when it is all done.
  20. I connected the return line to the oil pan. I got lucky and drilled the perfect size hole. I was using a step up bit and checking size as I went but I usually never get it perfect. I drilled the hole high on the side with the deeper section. It looks like it should work great. I need to put the pan back on and cut the line to length. I'm hoping I can hook up the feed line today but I need to look for a T fitting for the oil switch and the feed line. And space is limited.
  21. I finally was able to use a crow bar or cats claw? And I was able to hit the wedge into the seam and break the oil pan loose. I'll be drilling the hole and finishing the return line tonight. I also believe I determined the best (or maybe only?) Option for the source of my oil feed line will be the oil sensor switch which is right in front of the engine near the oil filter. I'll post some pics on that incase anyone finds use in it later.
  22. Pipe from the turbo to the intercooler and clamps in wrinkle black
  23. I have recently been interested in powder coating. I bought a powder coating gun at harbor freight and with a 20% off coupon, I only spent like $75 with a 1 year warranty. I also ordered 1lb of wrinkle black powder for around $13. I'm interested in maybe doing some parts on my 2014 spark for practice. I think I will end up doing the brake calipers and probably my turbo. In the future I plan on doing my charge pipes but I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for items to powder coat on a spark. Right now my curing oven can only handle smaller parts (old pizza oven) but I'm going to build a decent sized oven in the near future.
  24. I painted mine black with spray paint and it looks great. I'd sand the parts that are chipping away to prevent it from chipping after you paint