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  1. My flex fuel sensor was delivered today. $35 and I bought the plug and wire leads for another $12. I still need to buy a fuel line connector removal tool for about $5 and a Male to female fuel line connector. Once everything is hooked up, the sensor will tell the computer the ethanol content and my computer will determine the right air fuel ratio, timing, etc.
  2. My turbo was delivered today. I purchased a used 2016 chevy Cruze turbo online for $120. I plan to put this on my 2014 chevy spark. I'm expecting to run lower psi but it will be high compression and will run on e30 for the additional octane. I know many will say it can't be done but I intend to try while keeping a reasonable budget. I will document my success or failure here.
  3. Here is a link to good write up on adding a flex fuel sensor to an e78. The original poster installed a flex fuel sensor on their sonic. It explains there are two pins where the wires from the flex fuel sensor that I ordered will connect. In the back of the ecm there are three plugs. J1,J2,J3. The plug we are looking at is J3. On this plug we will be inserting a wire to spot 20 and 34. From what I have read there are grey plugs in these spots when not installed by the manufacturer. We take these plugs out and insert our wires. The forum linked also provides info on the correct plug size.
  4. You may be right. Actually, the pump and injectors both had e85 compatible in their descriptions. I have always been skeptical if there is actually a difference but I guess error on the safe side unless you know for sure or are willing to experiment. Again, I'm new so I'm learning as I go.
  5. I'm new to this so additional research is recommended. However, in my mind it comes down to air fuel ratio and the capacity of your pump and injectors. The higher the percent of ethanol you run, the more fuel you need. I believe the stoichiometric afr of regular 87 is 14.7, for e85 I believe it is 9.7 depending on the actual percent of ethanol as it varies depending on the season. That number represents parts of air to one part fuel. If your pump and injectors can be increased and you can hit the afr you need you wouldn't need to change the pump or injectors. However, I'm also adding a turbo so I will have much more air entering the equation and therefore will also need to increase my fuel for this reason. Considering those factors I opted to upgrade both. I am also using this car as a way to learn more about these things so I wanted to do it anyways. I used to run e30 on the stock pump and injectors and it ran great. I didn't even tune it to run different at that point. I may not have answered your question relating to special pump or injectors for e85. I'd say no except you need them to be able to have sufficient flow for proper afr.
  6. The pump is back in the tiny tank. Time to hook the tank back up to the car.
  7. Possibly the first and only Walbro450 custom fitted Chevy Spark fuel pump set up. I decided to go minnow bucket style on the lower basket. MN custom touch.
  8. The engine bay is a bit disassembled from the injector upgrade but you can see I kept the blue and black contrast under the hood. I plan to wrap the intake pipes, manifold and Down pipe in black titanium heat wrap.
  9. I've decided to paint my car matte black. Here's a preview of the color. I'm pretty excited about color. I plan on finishing painting before winter.
  10. Happy Friday! My injectors unexpectedly arrived today. I did as much research as I could to try and find a match. Good luck finding something that states it fits a chevy spark besides an exact replacement. I looked for an ev14 which describes the electrical plug and the size of the inlet at the top. I then looked at the length of the body. As for the upgrade, my stock injectors were set at 24lbs/hr these are rated at 80lbs. Stock injector is on the right. The 80lb injectors have been installed.
  11. I ordered a walbro450 for $100. This is a 450 liter per hour fuel pump. Like my injectors it is a bit overkill. However, I now plan on running e85. I dropped the fuel tank and removed the fuel pump basket. I'm working on getting the walbro450 to fit. As you can see, the pump is a bit larger.
  12. I tried decapping my injectors to no avail. I picked up some 80lbs injectors though. Will be going the e85 route. Any idea on an engine? Sloppy mechanics on YouTube and spptv show a lot of potential in junkyard ls motors
  13. Full disclosure, I failed miserably at decapping the injectors. The main issue is the cap is recessed where the injectors in the video I posted have caps welded on the outside of the tip. The good news is my efforts to remove the injectors were not a total waste. For about the same price as stock injectors, $175, I was able to pick up 4 80lb 850cc injectors. This will allow me to run e85 and means more fuel and more octane for potentially more boost. All in all I'm happy with the direction the injectors upgrade went. They are flow matched and more than large enough.
  14. I worked on getting to these fuel injectors a little bit each day. It took a lot of patience and progress was slow but I have the first of 4 injectors. You can see the four pin holes for fuel to spray out. I'm going to carefully grind along that tiny circle weld until the cap pops off and I should have one large hole for fuel. I'm going to do a bit more research before I start to grind
  15. Fire Spark, I will be pressing my luck with stock pistons. I'm planning on running low boost and high octane with e30 or higher ethanol blends.
  16. Slowly connecting the turbo and the exhaust manifold. I had to remove the waste gate and I will have to make a custom bracket for the wastegate. I will include more info on this in my lessons learned but in a scenario like this just go universal turbo andyou will avoid many of my issues. Still loving the project though!
  17. I mentioned this in my hp tuners forum but I received my air fuel ratio gauge. I'm going to practice using the guage to tune my jeep using hp tuners and then move the guage over to the spark when it is ready to start. The obd II port allows you to plug into the car and hp tuners to see real time info on the guage and log data in hp tuners.
  18. How cold are we talking?
  19. The exhaust manifold is finally welded. I ended up making my own pieces to better fit the turbo. I'm hoping to have the turbo mounted in the car before the end of next week. The exhaust manifold and turbo connection still need some fine tuning but it's getting closer
  20. I ordered a wide band guage from AEM. A wideband replaces the second O2 sensor or can just be placed in the exhaust and reads the air fuel ratio. This guage plugs right in to the obdII port and can log data in hptuners. This is crucial for me to adjust for the increase in air with my turbo and increase in fuel with the modified injectors. Here's a video explaining it a bit
  21. I just ordered the VCM suite from HP Tuners with the MVI2. My interest in tuning my spark came from the turbo project I am currently working on. I plan to familiarize myself with the tuner before the turbo project is complete and I will share my experience here.
  22. Now, you need to remove the intakemanifold with ten bolts, three of the ten bolts are also securing the fuel rail. The fuel rail is under the top of the intake manifold like a surfer in the barrel of a wave. These diagrams are of the back of the engine and don't show all of the tubes and wires that make this slightly more challenging. I have 9 of the 10 bolts off so far.
  23. To access the fuel injectors you need to remove the rear bracket from the intake manifold with three bolts and the two side brackets on the manifold. The side bracket near the throttle body (pictured) has three bolts and the one near the oil cap/dip stick has two bolts.
  24. I will be decapping my injectors and sending the decapped injectors in to be flow tested.I will post the results for anyone interested. My injectors appear to have recessed caps so the process is a little more delicate and slightly less documented.
  25. I came across this youtube channel and specific video on decapping fuel injectors. With my turbo set up, running e30 and having hp tuners, I think this is a great option. I'm going to look into it tonight. Here is the video.