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  1. Thank you both so much for the help! At the time the lights came on, I did notice some engine noise and vibration that you would probably call "rough idle". I also noticed an abnormally strong odor a couple of those times. I think 3 or 4 times all together. Both lights came on, together, at least twice. Once or twice, it MAY have been a single light. The weather was probably colder than lately, when all those things were happening. Since I started using it again, I briefly saw the traction control light just once, when I was about to make a left turn on a wet street. It went off quickly. I have also noticed an occasional sort of jerky feeling in the steering column. There are moments when I have felt, lately, that the acceleration was sluggish, but I have had SOME of those moments ever since I owned the Spark, so I can't be certain that it's MUCH worse now, in that regard. Since I am mentioning everything else, I got an alignment a while ago, because it was pulling to the right, and I had some unusual tire wear. I had to replace two tires, but the other two are still good. It is back to pulling right, again. Not sure it ever stopped. Sometimes my attention and memory aren't what they should be. I was inclined to blame it on THAT service manager, who was more interested in selling me both shocks and struts, but told me that it had been only slightly out of alignment. A second opinion indicated that he was trying to sell me unneeded repairs. I only went there because there used to be a guy there who was very straight with me. I drive from Texas to Louisiana a lot, because I have an 80 year old mother. I was thinking it is safer to take the truck there, until I know for sure about the car. But I miss hopping in the little car without worrying.
  2. Mr. Gearhead, Sir, I think I saw you post on a much longer thread on this issue. I tried posting to that one, but no one is responding on this issue now. I am a 52 year old widow who hates dealing with service managers, so if you could indulge me a bit...I had the same issue, and chose to park the car for a time and drive my late husband's Tacoma for a while, because I was in the middle of moving. When I finally decided to deal with the car, the light was no longer coming on. I called one dealer, and was told that, in the event that powertrain does not cover it (it's a 2014 with just over 50K miles), I will pay a large fee just for the diagnosis. I generally don't use dealer service departments, unless covered by warantee. I found that to be a "Catch-22", so I was going to take it to Autozone to get the info about the code, but Autozone says the light must be ON in order for them to determine anything. I can try the original dealer where the car was purchased, now farther away, to see if they at least seem to be aware of the issue. Any helpful advice?
  3. My 2014 slipped into Neutral on its own twice after hard breaks. I told dealer service department, because I had to go there for my tail light and 2 recalls. They noted it(before 36,000 miles), but could not give me an explanation
  4. This thread came up when I searched, because I have also recently had the Traction Control and Malfunction indicator lights come on. I have a 2014 Spark, and just reached 50,000 miles. They have come on upon starting, but do not stay on. I wanted to get Autozone to get the diagnostic code, because the dealer says that if they find that it is NOT covered by Powertrain, I will be charged well over $100 JUST for the diagnosis. I find that to be a Catch-22 that I prefer not to reward/encourage. Several people told me Autozone does this free. But Autozone says that the light must be on in order for them to get a diagnostic. Since it has not come on again for a while, and I have not experienced the rough idle and the pungent exhaust that came with the lights a couple of times, am I okay to drive it until I get a light that doesn't go off within a matter of seconds?