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  1. The owners manual clearly states the Spark is not intended to tow anything.
  2. I am guessing you won't have a passenger with any legs in the seat behind you.. I too am the opposite of the usual demographic, 66 yo male bought the car initially because it fit in the back of my toyhauler. I no longer have that requirement, I just like the car, it's economy, comfort and stability, for a small car. I intend to have it for a long time.
  3. And on Massachusetts and New England roads no less. Very good. I am looking forward to the same outcome, but it will take me 10 years to do it.
  4. I took delivery of my 2017 Spark LT in January of 2018. As of a few minutes ago, I just did my 2nd oil change at approx 9500 miles. I gave up with the Android Auto thing almost as soon as I received the car. I just plug in the phone through the audio cable and listen to streaming that way, and use an old fashioned GPS, which I can switch from vehicle to vehicle. I am a professional truck driver with over 4 million miles in 40 years, so that is where I spend most of my driving time. Getting into the Spark is a real hoot for me, sitting lower than the wheel bearings on most tractor trailers. I am completely satisfied with almost all aspects of the car. The acceleration, fuel economy, comfort on long trips, in short it does exactly what I want it to do. I cruise as fast as the speed limit allows, maybe more, so down here in Texas that means at least 75 mph. Stable and reasonably quiet, for a car of this size and price class. I guess my only complaint is how the seats fold to accommodate the cargo area. Not exactly flat, and the offset sizes of the seat are not well thought out. No matter, if I need to haul anything my Chevrolet Express 2500 should be able to handle it. I like them both.
  5. My 2017 1LT is Toasted Marshmallow. The title says white, I say it is light grey.
  6. I am going to get the Curt hitch which is displayed in the link above, apparently it is the same as the GM part number and about the same price. I intend to just use it for the bike rack, but I too was curious about how much the drive train could take in a towing mode. Something tells me if you need CVT transmission work under warranty the GM dealer is going to ask if you put anything on that hitch bigger than bikes....
  7. After playing around with the Android Auto App, and the MyChevrolet App and the MyLink thing that also has a mind of it' own, I have totally given up on trying to get the touch screen in the Spark for phone/audio/navigation duties. Nothing worked properly. Internet searches about Android Auto as an example yield many bugs that Google just can't figure out. To complicate things, since I drive a tractor trailer for a living and have to use a hands free headset(BlueParrott 450) that device paired on my phone had a running argument with the myLink and Android Auto. They seem to battling for supremacy, with none of the systems strong enough to overule the others. Soooo I am have gone back to isolating the phone by uninstalling all the apps, just charge the phone on a separate phone charger and use the RCA plug on the phone into the jack. Since I drive 100,000 miles a year I am picky about my navigation systems, a Garmin GPS is light years ahead of any Google maps application. So that is over in the corner, if I am in the mood for internet radio it goes through the RCA jack, and the radio in the car is, just that a radio. Everybody is happy, and I use my BlueParrott headset just like in the truck. Better and clearer fidelity anyway.
  8. As of January 5 2018, Weathertech delivered front liners and cargo liner for my 2017 1LT in 3 days. Very happy with the purchase
  9. I too think the Weathertech liners are very well engineered with quality materials. You can go the knockoff route if you want, but there is a reason they are half the price.