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  1. Yes, wood is just to raise it up because it is slightly longer than original battery. The T5 is the perfect height for the terminal connection once it's in!
  2. Thanks Mr. Tozzi, that worked!
  3. Anyone else having a tough time finding a place that can copy the ignition key for a 2014 Spark? I need a key just to lock/unlock the door while I let the car warm up in subzero temps. Dealership only has the $75 remote unit. Local locksmith couldn't help. Nor could Home Depot.
  4. I have a 2014 Spark. I found that Walmart has the Maxx T5 which fit nicely after I added a 1/2" Piece of wood underneath it (fit inside tray). It has twice the CCA's as the dealership and Autozone replacement. It was cheaper AND it has a much better warranty too!
  5. I found that Walmart's MAXX T5 battery fits nicely if you add a 1/2" Piece of wood underneath it (to fit the tray). Cheaper than the Autozone and Dealership battery, with twice the cranks and warranty! It's the way to go.