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  1. Hi Everyone. New on here. Wanted to ask how everyone likes their Sparks and how's the reliability you've had with them? Just thought I'd post everything that's happened with mine Since I drive it every day for work. At 140k I had to replace the clutch. At 145k I had to replace the A/C compressor. I have the dreaded recirculation vent door flap every time you switch from recirculate to fresh and back. To top this off I just found out I have a blown head gasket between the 2nd and 3rd cylinders. I actually like the car but am so disappointed in it. this is the first american I've bought new for 20 years. The last one was also a Chevy Beretta. Traded that right away for a Toyota. Now I know why I've stayed away for so long. does anyone know how much they charge to replace a head gasket on one of these? I just hope the head isn't warped too.
  2. Well today I found I have my 2nd overflow tank failure. Both have broken at the top nipple that the hose clamps to, right where it enters the tank, just below the cap. What's with this? Is it because the tank is part of the pressurised system and it can't withstand the heat and pressure on top of having the leverage of the hose hanging onto it? Whatever it is it is a bad design. I have 157,000 miles on my 2013 and I've replaced the clutch at 140,000 miles. Replaced the A/C compressor at 145,000 miles, and now two overflow tanks. Calgon take me away...