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  1. Just looking for a good all season tire. Preferably on the quite side.
  2. Hi everyone! My car is nearing the 40k mile mark and the tires are almost BALD! I need a good tire recommendation in the stock tire size for around $100 USD per tire or less.
  3. I'm really just not a huge fan of aftermarket modifications to vehicles, especially newer cars like the spark. I love the look of stock. It really took a lot of thought for me to just replace the stereo head unit, but I wanted better sound, so I had no choice. I'm looking forward to hearing those daytons in my car!! I'll report back when I get a chance to see how they sound in my back hatch area.
  4. I only do about 10K a year, so after 10 years of michigan winters, it'll probably be a total rust bucket. My manual transmission Spark is definitely capable of +90 MPH. You must have driven the CVT version, which I can definitely believe would make the spark highly underpowered.
  5. Make sure you don't fall for the dealer extended warranty.
  6. My spark just surpassed 10K miles this past Sunday. I kinda doubt I'll ever see 100K.
  7. does anyone know if Sparks are made with zinc electroplating? I guess that's the newest rustproofing that factories are using.
  8. That's alright. Thanks for the offer, but I noticed at the bottom of the letter it has the "13434".
  9. I'm pretty sure this is THE FIX. There have been several pretty warm days over the last couple of weeks. Cabin temp stays nice and cool even at red lights.
  10. I just got a letter in the mail on Monday from Chevy about this program. I believe I already got the fix back in April if this pertains to the #13434 thing.
  11. Dang. All you guys complaining must have ATROCIOUS Chevy dealers in your areas. I've never had one single problem with my Dealer/Service Center (Todd Wenzel in Hudsonville, MI). I didn't know a single thing about the the "13434 A/C recall" until I brought my car into the dealer back on April 11th for a simple oil change. The A/C now performing as it should . It was in the mid 80's this past week and I was able to cool the cabin to a comfortable temp pretty quickly. I guess I'm one of the few lucky ones. I'm completely happy with my car now.
  12. I took my car into my local dealer in mid April. They did a reprogram on the computer that was supposed to fix AC problem. It was 85 degrees today and the AC cooled the cabin down just fine so I'm guessing whatever they did fixed it. It's not ice cold, but it's a constant cool at least.
  13. All the touch-free carwashes in my area suck. Washing by hand is not practical during the dead of winter. The only choice I have is to take it through a soft cloth wash.
  14. From what I can make out, it appears that they have toned down the swoopyness of the headlights and are like a hybrid of both the Sonic and Cruise. I like where the door handle is for the rear doors of the current Spark model. I just feel like there's not much to improve upon style-wise for the Spark. It looks fantastic the way it is. I actually hate how car companies these days feel they need to change the look of their cars every year or two.
  15. Yeah, when I first take off and the engine is cold, the throttle tends to "stick" open a little bit making mine go VRROOOOM shifting between 3rd and 4th gear unless I wait for the RPM's to drop a little before pushing the clutch in to go into 4th.