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  1. Mr. tozzi and Retired old Gearhead, I appreciate your feedback and I have read the book. I will be going back to the dealer because they did give me a different vehicle from the first one. So with that being said the only dorky thing I did was after spending 8 hours at the dealership debating from the Spark vs Sonic............. I was very tired to notice. My mistake didn't need for you 2 to make my first forum uncomfortable, great job on your part. Mr. tozzi there is only a handle slot above the plate not a lever and Retired old Gearhead hopefully you made the nicely illustration manual for everyone. Have a Merry Christmas and may God Bless you both! Mema
  2. I just purchased a 2017 Chevy Spark and I cannot believe I didn't get automatic locks/windows but the worst is there is no button nor manual lift to open the hatchback. I can open the gas tank but usually there is a lever to open hatchback, did I get cheated? Is this normal? Aren't all cars suppose to have a lever to open the hatchback? Also I have Onstar for 3 months I was asked to sign on and when I clicked the link to enter my email address someone else's email was already there...this was suppose to be a new car... PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER IF THIS IS NORMAL TOMORROW MAKES 1 WEEK WITH THIS CAR.