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  1. Kermit, I believe the pungent smell is a build up of carbon in the cat. Sometimes the cat will clean itself. Usually this happens if you give it heavy throttle after not doing so for a while. I've had it happen when I started up too but not for a long time. As for the rough idle this could be a number of things. I know these cars jump timing like crazy. I have a scanguage on my dash. Idle cold these things can jump from - 15 degrees to +11 for timing. And it's not constant, almost always changing. This could also be gas too. What are you running for fuel? I've found if we run higher octane in my gf's car in cold weather it will identify rough when cold. I would drive it. If there is a problem driving it will really get that light to show.
  2. Thank you for letting me know. I have a Scan Guage ii for my car. Now that the weather is getting as a high as 30F im going to get some water pipe insulation and zip tie that into 80‰ of the lower grill. This all leaves a little opening on the bottom and the whole top open. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. This is correct. Pressing the lock button once will arm the alarm.
  4. I purchased a new key fob from the dealer for $55. Super cheap since a plain key chipped is $60
  5. This is an 8 inch screen. The stock one is 7 I thought. How did you get it to fit?
  6. Where did you get it? Can I ask what you paid and what model? Do your steering wheel controls still work?
  7. Ok great! When I first purchased this car I started reading all the issues and was soon kicking myself for buying into a problematic car. So I'm very glad to hear for everyone that the issues are resolved. The coolant reservoir doesn't really bother me. I've always driven one cars. My average car age was 30. So reservoirs popping and leaving is forget Saturday for me. But that being said I could be just starting the path. I couldn't get the ac when I purchased the car so that could be a problem and I only have 17k miles so timing chain here is to you lol.
  8. Is it super easy to do this? I would love to get the mylink on my 2014 but I'm not tech savvy. It's it as simple as plug and play with the USB?
  9. That's what I was thinking. Thank you for your input
  10. So I purchased a 2014 spark 2lt last month. It appears d To be produced in 11/14 (car was delivered to owner in December of 14). In the month I've owned it I did 3k miles on it. I've read a lot on here and I was wondering. Are people still having timing chain issues? Are people dealing with recall issues for the ac (cold, warm, cold warm) and such? In just trying to see if the problems were fixed or if they are still problems. I only have 17k miles in my car and love it but want to know if I should be looking out for stuff that's still a known problem. A lot of the issue that were started in 13' or 14'. I know the coolant resivour will always be a problem because of its design but if that's the major problem existing today in happy.
  11. Ok cool. Yea the manual says anything higher than 87 so I figured it would be cool to see what everyone is using. So far all I've been doing is 87 but from Cumberland farms really as thats what's around me. Nothing around me for ethonol free.
  12. So what octane reading are you driving and why? I've heard some people running 93 due to the non ethonol in the car. But around me the only non ethonol gas is 110 which won't be useful in my little grasshopper. I've been running 87 but wanted to see what others were doing and why.
  13. I know I'm new to the cars but can you partially block the list radiator grill to help warm up times and to help regain heat? My father has done this with his prius every winter. He competently blocks what toyota calls a grikk on those cars with foam made for plumbing. He never has overheating issues and barely drops fuel economy. He usually can maintain summer economy through the winter. Now I know we still have the top section which is sorta big, but what about the very bottom grill by the fog lights. Partially or fully blocking that should increase mileage but also help with warm up and maintaining heat. My temp drops like a rock once that thermostat opens and then takes about a mile to get back to cause it to open again.
  14. I just purchased my 2014. I have a scan Guage II on it. Usually don't 65 it will crop up to 210F them about down to 188/194F and then crop back up again. So the weeks chronic thermostat is not variable. It's either open or closed. I'm new to these electronic thermostats but they seem to work. Ive always felt with the real old school stuff.
  15. Have your mechanic check to see if you have gunk in your tank. If only takes a tiny bit to upset a fuel pump. Not sure if there is a fuel filter on these cars but you can check that to. If the engine is starving for fuel is going to sputter and stall. I don't know much about these. I didn't even m know they existed till I test drive I one about three weeks ago. Owned it as of the first of November.