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  1. Oh thanks, man. I have also called my local dealer, and they say that really one cannot split this light. I will talk to my local body shop that does car mods, we'll see what they say.
  2. Okay, let me explain what I am saying without the link then, if you are so suspisious to the site that doesn't even sell anything after all... Here are the pic of what I like and what I want to do, with the arrows drawn in paint. And the questions I've got are above... hope someone will help here
  3. Hi everyone, I thought of a headlights mod idea, and wanted to ask you folks, if anyone tried doing something like that on your Sparks. I like the way headlights background color matches the exterior color. So I thought of uninstalling my headlights and painting the inner part into blue. I wanted to do the same blue color my Spark is. The main question I wanted to ask - is that legal? I know that redand blue lights are not allowed to use, yet that's not blue lighting, right? Also, won't it peel off because of temperature? I've already found instructions on how to take headlight assemblies off and how to take each of them apart... Thanks, Ken