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  1. Have you looked into this anymore since the post? I’m currently on the same boat and want to get rid of the flip key fob and just use a basic key.
  2. @LittleBlue! I dont know why it posted as if you said that.
  3. Both of those places only show Cruze/Sonic
  4. I reached out to a few local tuners near me, and I was told that the 2016 spark can be tuned. No one has answered yet about why only that one year. I can't imagine Chevy doing anything that much different for the one year, that would allow it to be tuned. Any ideas?
  5. Have you put any thought into tuning? I know that way down the road, but I haven't been able to find anyone that can tune these cars. The project looks great though. It's making me want to give it a go
  6. I have to first figure out how to upload pictures though
  7. So I'm new to this whole forum thing and j know this thread has been dead for a long time but I figured I'd share what I came up with as a solution to the aftermarket exhaust. I recently built a cat back system that bolts right up to the secondary cat, removes the resonator, has an aftermarket chambered muffler to avoid losing too much back pressure, and I increased the pipe size from 1.5" to 1.75" only because it was easier to come by. It utilizes all factory hangers, has flanges in the factory locations(at the cat and above the rear axle), and is basically a direct bolt in with the exception of the tip(I'll get to that in a minute). I used a thrush welded muffler with a 2.25" inlet and outlet and it does not sound raspy in the slightest bit. It's actually pretty deep for the size motor. The tip also exits through the rear bumper like it does in the Chevy Beats that they sell over seas. It looks better in my opinion and it also helps with the interior resonation because the sound waves aren't getting trapped under the car. Let me know what you guys think. For the record, I know the welds aren't the best looking considering I used a flux cored welder and the fact that I'm an electrician and not a welder by trade. But there are not leaks so that's a plus.