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  1. I couldn't help it! It looks like exiting the car and leaving it resting for a while also fixed it. I started driving to work this morning and found the system booted back up like nothing was wrong. Everything seemed to work just fine again. (Good news for anyone googling this issue) I jumped back into Dev Mode, accessed the Explorer and looked around some more. Found the keyboard and all that and tested some commands. Now I'm just trying to find a way to exit Explorer, but it seems that Suspending Windows is the only way out. (CAD, Home button, plugging a keyboard in... )
  2. Hey Everyone! I'm a new owner of a 2015 Spark and completely in love with it! My previous car was a 2003 Accent that I kept driving since 05', so I'm getting used to a ton of these new features like Cruise Control and a working AC unit. :p I love tinkering with stuff as well, so the first thing I did was just play around with MyLink before even driving. I poked around a bit in Dev mode and found the OS running under MyLink. I wasn't sure how to exit it, so I clicked on Start > Suspend thinking it would kick me back out to the console. At that moment, I realized I messed up since putting any device in suspend mode is never the answer. :( Now the screen is black, the radio keeps playing the same station at the same volume before it was suspended, and none of the controls (like holding the power button) work anymore. I've read though the forums and understand that I need to hard-reboot the car (unplug the battery for 30mins) to fix, but is there any other way to get the system back online without doing so? I'm hoping to find something like a soft-reboot to keep my settings. :c Otherwise, it's the price to pay for touching things I shouldn't be touching.