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  1. Manual says above 91, the lowest they sell here is 95, that's the cheapest (about 4 USD per gallon) so that's what I go with.
  2. Average about 20 MPG, absolute best has to be about 25 MPG but that was probably a miscalculation. Oh, and for reference, a gallon of gas goes for about 4 USD here, so yeah, I hate money.
  3. (Reserving this post spot, have to wait on the car to get back home from the missus before I can check the VIN and detailed info; expect a lot of bitching)
  4. This might come in handy, I really didn't think consider rust issues in the engine compartment, but now that I think about I seriously doubt the service people even looked closely. BUT, since I just had to get rust out of the interior light, then this might be it.
  5. Hi! I don't have great hopes (seeing as I'm the first poster) but I THINK I have a Gen II (2006) Spark. Let me just get it out of my system: it's an adorable puppy that you kick every so often because it keeps shitting on the carpet. My hope right now is that the bulb for the engine warning light will just burn out soon. What's annoying though is that there's no rhyme or reason for the starter failings. Sometimes it starts instantly, other times it takes 6-7 tries to get it going. I don't really have high hopes on figuring it out and I don't feel like burning my money at the service, but if anybody has any clue then please, do go on.