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  1. Hi I'm doing some research about turbocharging the spark and today I took some pictures of the 1.4 turbo ecotec in the 2017 cruze. I think it might just bolt on our engines next would be engine management I guess, I'm not an expert
  2. Thanks for the answer .
  3. Hi, I found an old amp that I had found in my first car it's a pioneer gm-600 it's rated at 18w RMS x2. Anyone know what is the stock radio output on a '16 LS? I'm wondering if it's an upgrade. I know I'm going to change the speakers and get a better amp down the road but meanwhile it would be a few free upgrade Thanks
  4. Hi I found some kind of parts number for the led headlights they link to mexican sellers when you look them up on Google. TYC T155 180119 20-F599-05-2B 20-F600-05-2B Edit : 42499809 42499808 42499818 / 42499819 are the led ones might be an actual gm part number search results look promising
  5. I'm not 100% sure on that but the lights I was talking about only has an led accent . I think it still have standard light bulbs with it . I was posting for the ones that were looking to find the part number to get them
  6. 42499818 but when I look on gmpartsdirect it doesn't find anything maybe the dealer can find it on their system
  7. Hello everyone I'm from Quebec Canada this is my 2016 ls spark bought new in September of 2017. It was the demo car in the showroom with 60km on it. Its winter right now so I can't work on the car yet but I have a few plans for it next summer. I want to upgrade the audio because it really sucks and get some nice wheels and tires prolly some rpf1. I also started research on what I could do to turbo it someday Thanks everyone
  8. Nice ! 15s no drop?
  9. Custom armrest

    From the album Photoshop of my spark '16 ls

    My custom made armrest . I didn't like the stock one . I found it to close to be really usable so I widened it and finished it with leatherette and turquoise French stitching
  10. Im was thinking about making a new rear deck with 6x9 in them and installing it with a 4 channel amp. I'm waiting for summer to do it
  11. Thanks for the answer . I was looking under the hood the other day and was wondering how do you access suspension mounting point
  12. Ma spark.jpg

  13. 11.jpg

  14. thanks for the info was looking at lowering springs the other day and could not find any. I really like your setup good job! edit : I would also like to know what is your wheel size and tire? thanks
  15. really nice car ! where did you get your lowering spring?
  16. I will look into it further this summer its -27C today outside
  17. The new cruze 1.4t has an integrated exhaust manifold like the spark
  18. How much the dealer charge for cutting the key?
  19. Hi Nice color
  20. Very nice! Is there a reason you went with 50 series tire? I was looking at wheels and tires and it tells me 205-45-16 is closer to stock diameter. I also wanted to know do you think 16x8 rpf1 would fit or its a bit too much? I want to go a little bit wider than 205 maybe install some fender flares. Thanks in advance very nice car