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  1. Hi I'm also trying to remove the radio I changed the front speakers already here's a pic of the wire colors
  2. Ended up removing the battery to get to the grommet . Now I have another problem I want to use the speaker signal input but getting to the wires is a pain in the ass
  3. Hi I was checking under the hood of my car to plan for installing an amp. I wanted to know if someone installed one in a 2016 or above . I don't know where to pass the power wire from the battery there's a ton of stuff in that area. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the answer .
  5. Hi, I found an old amp that I had found in my first car it's a pioneer gm-600 it's rated at 18w RMS x2. Anyone know what is the stock radio output on a '16 LS? I'm wondering if it's an upgrade. I know I'm going to change the speakers and get a better amp down the road but meanwhile it would be a few free upgrade Thanks
  6. I'm not 100% sure on that but the lights I was talking about only has an led accent . I think it still have standard light bulbs with it . I was posting for the ones that were looking to find the part number to get them
  7. 42499818 but when I look on gmpartsdirect it doesn't find anything maybe the dealer can find it on their system
  8. Hi I found some kind of parts number for the led headlights they link to mexican sellers when you look them up on Google. TYC T155 180119 20-F599-05-2B 20-F600-05-2B Edit : 42499809 42499808 42499818 / 42499819 are the led ones might be an actual gm part number search results look promising
  9. Nice ! 15s no drop?
  10. Custom armrest

    From the album Photoshop of my spark '16 ls

    My custom made armrest . I didn't like the stock one . I found it to close to be really usable so I widened it and finished it with leatherette and turquoise French stitching
  11. Im was thinking about making a new rear deck with 6x9 in them and installing it with a 4 channel amp. I'm waiting for summer to do it
  12. Thanks for the answer . I was looking under the hood the other day and was wondering how do you access suspension mounting point