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  1. Just had my first oil change at 5,000 miles. Engine oil life indicator showed 25% oil life remaining but I am old-school...and did not want it to go to 6K or 7K miles before the oil change. Anyway, when the technician checked the oil level before draining it, it was down more than a half quart (.6 to .7 QT) I checked the car a few days after I bought it and it read "full" so I know it wasn't low to begin with. Everything I've read says this is not normal. I've read a lot about first generation 1.2L Sparks with excessive oil consumption issues...but the 2016 Spark was a brand new "clean sheet" 1.4L engine (LV7). I'm feeling really nervous about this. I am going to go one more oil change and monitor this closely. If it is down another half quart I am going to take it to the dealer. Does anyone know about any TSB's regarding excessive oil consumption on second generation Sparks? Thanks, Tom
  2. I appreciate the reply sparkfanatic. It's worrisome because I have never had a new car consume this much oil so early on. I am very respectful of your advice...but the research I did says that a new vehicle should not consume this much oil. Certain BMW, Audi, and Subaru models were the absolute worst...consuming up to a full quart every 600 - 700 miles...but of the top 30 oil consumers, the first gen Spark was #30 on the list. (probably because of the PCV issue you mention). Research further indicates that manufacturers will state that oil consumption is "normal" when it is actually not. Subaru for instance claims that burning a full quart every 1000 - 1200 miles is "acceptable". That sounds fundamentally ludicrous to me and the article agrees. I've looked at multiple sources to get my head around the issue...but the best article was from Consumer Reports. I know they get slammed by people for a variety of reasons but I think this article is a particularly good piece of reporting. https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2015/06/excessive-oil-consumption/index.htm On its face, adding a half quart between changes is not really an issue. The underlying reason of *why* is what bothers me. How will this affect the engine long term? Is it a piston ring issue? Will oil collect where it shouldn't and cause damage to the engine? What is causing the problem and what are the long term effects on the engine? Those are the big questions for me. I tend to keep cars until they fall apart (250K - 300K miles) so I am looking at this as a long term issue. BTW - I absolutely LOVE the car. It's a street legal go-kart.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but I don't want to tear into the car like that for many reasons. Bluetooth portable like the JBL Extreme solves the problem for me...enormous high-end sound from that speaker...especially in such a tiny car. Found a Harman Kardon Bluetooth audio receiver that should work. iPhone 7 wirelessly sends the music to the HK BT device. The HK BT has a 3.5mm out the back. Connect a 3.5mm jack splitter and run one line to the JBL Extreme and the other line to the AUX in. Water jet an aluminum JBL Extreme speaker mount that cleverly mounts into the single rear cup holder in the back seat and all the wires neatly tuck away unseen. Second water jet mount for the iPhone forward of the cup holders. All mounts powder coated satin black. Super tight and clean install...no visible wires and entire thing can be removed without leaving a mark. That's the current plan anyway
  4. I am thinking about buying a JBL Xtreme or other bluetooth speaker to supplement the sound in my 4 speaker Spark LS. The thought is to design a really nice JBL speaker bracket that attaches to the back of the drivers side head rest. That way the speaker would be directly behind the drivers head. Problem is - Can I have the sound from my iPhone 7 plus going to the Mylink audio system AND the bluetooth speaker at the same time via bluetooth? I am pretty sure the answer is NO ...so looking for creative workarounds. I can make it work by splitting the signal w an 3.5 dual headphone cable...but that requires having wires hanging all over the place. Looking for a more elegant wireless solution. Any ideas?
  5. I know this is an old thread, but has anyone figured out the factory cruise on the 2016 / 2017 Spark? If so, what is the cost of the factory steering wheel w cruise buttons? What did the dealership charge for the flash?
  6. I finally had time to figure it out. No grill removal required. Lift the hood and remove the plastic trim panel above the grill (2 bolts and 2 plastic plugs) and that will give you access to the grill. Pop the plastic tabs the entire way across the top of the grill and that gives you access to the emblem. See finished pic below. IMO the black emblem looks a lot better than the gold. At least on the base model Spark in white, the gold emblem looked garish. The black one looks more "finished" and integrated...more purposeful.
  7. I just purchased black bow tie emblems for the front and rear of my 2017 Spark. Front emblem replacement requires removal of the upper grill. Has anyone done this? I looked at the factory diagram and it shows the small upper grill being held in by 1 bolt. Where is that bolt located and how do I access it? After the bolt is removed I'm assuming there's clips built into the grill assembly that have to be popped (as seen in diagram). Do I have to disassemble anything else to gain access to that 1 bolt? Any help would be appreciated! Tom
  8. Robert, I am not sure if there is one bolt or two. The diagram seems to only show one bolt. I thought that removing the grill would be brainless...but obviously not. Again, any help from other members would be appreciated! Tom