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  1. I have the front and rear splash guards from Chevy on my '17 Spark any they were a pain to install, drilling required on the front and they do little if anything to guard from splash. Don't waste your money on them.
  2. I know couple people that work for GM and was pointed into another direction for a turbo Spark. Chevy in Colombia sells an M400 platform Spark GT Turbo, I'm still trying to work out all the details (I don't speak Spanish very well so I have to have a friend intemperate for me) but on the upside once I have all the details (like parts numbers), my local dealer parts department (Imperial Chevrolet Mendon, MA) has told me that because the car is sold under the Chevrolet Brand they would be able to order the parts for me even though they weren't sold in the US or made available to US buyers.
  3. 2017, that pic was about 3 month'll turn over 106,000 miles while my wife is on the way to work with it today.
  4. My warranty and extended warranty are long since over (103,156 miles on my 2017 as of this morning) , that's why I'm starting to look at this more.
  5. I know this is an old topic but my wife just got a Trax with the 1.4 Turbo and it seems (keep in mind I'm a computer guy not a mechanic), the engine mounts and everything are exactly the same in the 2018 Trax 1.4 Turbo as they are in my 2017 Spark 1.4.....seems like that would be a much easier swap.
  6. The first thing is I don't go to the dealer unless I have to. I have a mechanic I have gone to for about 15 years now, he keeps an eye on everything and lets me know what's going on. The only thing not right with the car is the drivers side lower seat cushion is flat, I had to put a cushion on the seat to make it feel better again. Factory brakes front and rear are still good, Jay (my mechanic) said I will probably need to replace the fronts in 15-20k mi more......The stock tires were even good to me, I got 64,000 miles out of them.
  7. My wife just got a 2018 Trax LT, and the engine is exactly the same size and mounts as the Spark engine but it's a 1.4 Turbo.
  8. So it's official, I'm over 100,000 miles and no major mechanical issue. Just normal wear and tear stuff.
  9. Just came back from another road trip from Massachusetts to LA to Phoenix to Branson, MO to Buffalo, NY and back home. Averaged more than the posted speed limits but with heavy cruise control use, after the latest update for the tcm, I was averaging 37.2 MPG.
  10. Unofficially since it was a public road, foot to the floor in the Nevada Desert I was able to get to just under the 110 mark on the speedo and the car was surprisingly stable. However sustained driving, if I use cruise about 70-75 I can usually still average about 36 MPG, if I cut it down to 65-70 I can get it up to 38 MPG easily.
  11. I'm over 82,000 miles now. Then again I have been in 42 states and 3 countries in my Spark.......My wife and I love to take road trips when I have vacations, so we REALLY rack up the mileage, I won't be surprised if my 2017 is over 100,000 by the beginning of 2019.
  12. Isn't insane mileage one of the reasons for getting a car like this. My 2017, took delivery May 2017 already has 77,932 miles as of earlier today.
  13. My WeatherTech mats are great but I'm noticing that after about 7 months, the are getting to be more of a dirty gray color. I called WeatherTech, they advised using their cleaning/conditioning kit on them, spent $30 for basically nothing. Anyone have any ideas to get them looking like new again.
  14. A couple of months back I took my Spark from Central MA, to Birmingham, then Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas and back to MA without a single issue.
  15. Just wanted to chime in again that I turned over 64K mi this past weekend