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  1. A couple of months back I took my Spark from Central MA, to Birmingham, then Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas and back to MA without a single issue.
  2. Just wanted to chime in again that I turned over 64K mi this past weekend
  3. I have a question about the CVT transmission in my 2017. The owners manual lists a schedule for fluid and filter change in the automatic but there is no listing for the CVT transmission. My local dealer said that the fluid is lifetime but what do they consider lifetime they couldn't say and Chevrolet Customer Service was less than helpful, again giving the answer it was lifetime fluid but what they considered lifetime they couldn't tell me. I'm just over 64k miles already....Does any one happen to know what Chevy considers lifetime or what the fluid replacement schedule should be
  4. I'm just a little north in Massachusetts and I went to my Spark from a Fiat 500 Abarth and the difference in the snow is night and day, even with almost 37,500 mi on the stock tires, the traction is still amazing in the snow. My only cold weather issue with the car is that sometimes the hatch gasket sticks and you have to yank the hatch a little harder than normal....but that's nothing.....
  5. I can tell you from personal experience, I drove my 17 Spark from Central Massachusetts to Birmingham Alabama all on the highway, going between 75-80 for over 8 hours
  6. Unless it comes pre-wired for it, (parts at the deal can tell you) you will need to go aftermarket. Mine when they checked the VIN didn't have it pre-wired so it would be over $1200 to have a factory until and then replace both keys to the remote start keys. I went with a CompuStar remote start, it has it's own FOB or it can be programmed to start on triple click of lock.
  7. First Car: 1981 Ford Escort L (it was light blue) Best Car: 1975 Datsun 280Z (Red Wine Metallic with snow flake wheels) Worst Car: 1987 Mazda RX-7 (13B-RESI engine, I think it single handedly caused oil prices to go up, top of the gas and fill the oil)
  8. I had the same concerns about them ripping the dash apart, so I called my insurance agent to find out details. The neck force on the recall is for anyone under 5'4", unbelted or child. At least here in Massachusetts if I were to have not gotten the airbag recall done and gotten into an accident with my fiancé in the passenger seat and it did cause harm since she is only 5'2", insurance would not be obligated to pay in any way, even if I were not at fault, since it's failure to comply (insert a ton of legalese here).
  9. I've been looking at parts and want to swap my front interior light from the one that has the two reading lights in it but I can only find the dome lamp w/roof w/reading lights or w/o roof w/o read lights. The only as I could possibly see to have the reading lamps without the roof is to order: 42340974 Dome Lamp Assembly with Sunroof, with Reading Lights 95443044 Sunroof switch w/o sunroof I've seen a 2017 Spark with the reading lights and without a sunroof but the dealer didn't really want me pulling things apart to get part numbers, and there is no direct path for the assembly listed in the GM Parts sites. Any insight that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Almost finished with the outside changes, grill, hatch, wheel caps, and Holden Key. I have the secondary driving lights to go above the round fog lights, but my mechanic can't install them for a week or two, and he will be putting the Holden logo airbag cover on at the same time, I've even gone so far as to order the Holden logo mats and owners manual wallet. I still need to find out how to change the start up animation on the touch screen though, I have the holden Spark animation but it's the newer system that seems to be based on QNX and has the dev codes that start with 2013xxxx.
  11. I will let everyone know a part number once I get it. I had to replace the whole backing piece also since the Holden Logo is round, I needed the upper grill with the round logo carrier. changing the whole upper grill and logo took maybe 30 minutes.
  12. Mr Tozzi I have that part also with what looks like the driving lights and fog lights but I need to get the car up on a lift for that, I got lucky and found a junkyard near Perth that had a 2017 Holden Spark that got turned turtle so I was able to get most of the parts for next to nothing. The other thing I am looking into is the Chevy Philippines Spark headlights with the LED strip. I'm basically picking and choosing from various Spark's around the world to make a totally one off.
  13. I'm doing a one off customization and replacing all the badging to that of the right hand drive cousin, the Holden Spark.
  14. Exactly the same car from exactly the same factory just as a right-hand drive it's called a Holden with a different logo so the parts are direct fit....I also have the steering wheel airbag but that is still pending installation...Personally I think it gives the car a very unique look but it also just direct replacement.
  15. Ray, I have had a lot of good luck with most of items on Amazon and eBay but the one elusive part is the upper grill with the round carrier. Any idea where I can even get info on that? I hate to say it this way but GM is way too cheap to be making two different upper grills, one for the bow tie and one for the circle badge, I'm thinking that there is some type of carrier that will adapt for the other badge. I actually scored the Holden Steering Wheel with the Airbag on eBay for $200 including delivery, and I think it looks a whole lot nicer than the American Spark wheel with the fake chrome inserts. As for Gearhead, I won't split hairs with him, we all know in reality it's a Daewoo Matiz.