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  1. Hello everyone. I just bought a 2015 Chevy Spark 1LT, still under the original warranty for a short time yet. Every other vehicle I've owned have been 15-20+ years old, so this is the first "new" car I've had, and I love it. Every other has also been absolutely huge, and this is the first sub-compact I've had. I'm 6'1, 280 lb, played rugby and wrestled in school.... I'm a big, broad guy. I certainly did not expect to reasonably fit, but honestly it is really comfortable inside which amazed me. Anyway, I had a 1 week/400 miletest drive on it, which I just finished. I didnt even think about giving it back. It works great in the suburbs, it works great downtown... and I just filled my gas tank for the first time and holy crap I wanted to cry tears of joy. So long as it continues working well for me in the years going forward, consider me a lifelong fan.