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  1. we live in Nebraska and of course we're all huge football fans of the Huskers. Go Huskers!!! so we had some graphics put on the side tinted the windows and had a windshield border added and then we gave it a personalized plate REDIS1 and it's a big hit in our town we call it little red
  2. I purchased my 2014 Spark new and after a few months I had problems with it overheating and they ended up having to replace the over fill for the antifreeze so apparently it's a bug in the car but after they replaced it everything seems fine with that part of it anyway.
  3. put my 2014 new I like it a lot it's not really good to go out on the highway though it's a little light weight and not real comfortable for long I don't like the fact that it does not come with a spare tire. I've had a few problems with the car but they've been fixed under warranty I had a crack in my antifreeze extra container which cause my car to overheat a few times b4 they figured it out. My fenders all four of them keep popping out of where they belong and I think I need some kind of screws or something but the dealership won't give them to me saying they're not a body shop whatever that means I had a crack in my gear shift frame and they gave me a new gear shift which was fine I've had to change the filters which is pretty expensive and it wasn't covered under warranty the air filters and some other kind of cabin filter I've had trouble with the tire sensors since getting the car they say that they're low every time I go out on the highway when they're not and they stay on taking that problem in tomorrow but so far I've got 29000 miles on the car and pretty happy with it probably wouldn't buy another one same kind of cheaply-made that they do good for around town.