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  1. Rudy.I got this done.Very easy.I noticed when i had the pan down that it appeared to have a traditional looking filter up in there also.Did you see that?
  2. Awesome.Thank you Rudy.I will be attempting this in the next couple of weeks.I already had the Amsoil CVT fluid and drain plug gaskets and i just got the filter,pan gasket,and filter o ring at OReilly Auto Parts.It was 92.22 tax and all.All delco parts.
  3. Thanks for the responses.My 2015 does have a dipstick.Im not concerned with the level i just dont understand why i only got 24 ounces to come out.
  4. anybody?
  5. I decided to do a drain and refill on my 2015 with the CVT and i only got 24 ounces to come out when i pulled the plug.I did this with the car level.I expected much more.Has anyone done this? It shows to be at the correct level on the dipstick.