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  1. Nobody knows where the sensors mount?
  2. I don't see anything that looks like the sensors in that picture. (there are two of them) The connector with the green tab is not for the impact sensors. Here is a picture of the impact sensor and that same connect with the green tab.
  3. My son and I have finished removing/replacing the engine in a 2014 Spark to replace the clutch and pressure plate. We have everything working again but we are at a loss to figure out where to put the 2 front impact sensors. The Chilton Online book says there is one and it shows it located where the TWO sensors cannot reach. This is kinda important so we want to get them in the right place and in the right orientation. (Yes we should have taken more/better pictures before removing them) So, where do we put the impact sensors and what orientation?
  4. Yup, there was another plug above the drain plug. We filled it until it weeped back out the fill hole. It was about 2.5 quarts.
  5. Following the Chilton transmission removal instructions we drained the lubricant out of the manual transmission before pulling it. I found the correct manual transmission lube for GM manual transmissions, but what is the capacity of the 2014 spark manual transmission? It appears we did not actually need to do that, but we just blindly followed the book and since I have this out already, I don't want to put the original fluid back.
  6. Okay this is resolved. The clutch is the problem. All of the material on the pressure plate side was gone. It was shredded and looks like a black birds nest. The pressure plate was not moving far enough to even squeeze the clutch plate. It was barely touching the metal so almost zero friction. Thanks for all of you pointing me to the clutch even when I thought it couldn't be worn that bad.
  7. Resolved.. We figured out how to disconnect the ends at the transmission and then we left the cables on the bracket and removed the bracket. The engine is out of the car.
  8. I think Mr Tozzi has a good point. 84 HP is probably not going to break the transmission. According to the manual the engine and transmission need to come out to access the clutch. We are about 95% of the way there but are currently hung up on the shift linkages. It is not obvious how these disconnect from the transmission or the transmission bracket. On the bracket there is an orange plastic part that looks like some sort of retainer. We are trying to figure out how to get both disconnected. Never had to pull an engine/transmission to replace a clutch before. Here's a picture if the orange retainer.
  9. We are 90% done with removal of the engine and transmission from a 2014 spark with manual shift. It is not real obvious how the shift linkage cables disconnect from the transmission. Can someone offer any help on this? Here is an image of where the linkage goes into the bracket. There is an orange plastic part that appears to be some type of retainer.
  10. We checked this on the outside of the transmission by placing a mark on the shaft and then going through the gears. The shaft is turning and rising up and down as the shift levers move. That doesn't mean it is doing anything inside the transmission. Since most are convinced it's the clutch, we are going to bite the bullet and pull the transmission back so we can examine the clutch.
  11. We put this car in 1st gear and then we are able to push it along with no resistance. The is absolutely the worst case of "slipping clutch" I ever hear of. I suspect there is something other than a worn, slipping clutch. We can see in the engine compartment the 2 shift levers do move with the gear shift movement. That means the shift cables are intact and connected on both ends. We can see the main shift shaft moving up and down and rotating with the gear shift movement. Whatever is wrong is either inside the transmission, a complete clutch failure, or a CV joint or similar. Anyone esle ever see this type of failure on a 2014 with only 70k miles?
  12. My son just called about his 2014 Spark. He stopped the car and when he went to go again, it would not move. He said the manual transmission feels like it is shifting okay, but when he releases the clutch, nothing happens. It just sits there. Sounds to me like something in the drive train let go but i have never worked on a Spark. Any Ideas on whet this might be or if there is something he can check? Thanks