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  1. I own a small companion, an eight year’s old Pomeranian (Lenny, as we would call him). Don't let his size fool you, that little bugger can be too playful at times. He usually hangs out in the living room, would watch Netflix with my brother, and then play catch in the backyard during the afternoon. As a precautionary measure though, we would fit him with one of those bark collars, as he would yap uncontrollably while having fun, just enough to drive our neighbors mad. Overall, he's a good tyke and obviously has been a family to us these past few years.
  2. Hahaha! Engine swap really did the trick, after all.
  3. Thanks for sharing, GREENSPARK8! I'll check this out on eBay.
  4. Same here, boom5747. Same here. The Chevy Spark is somewhat family-friendlier than my former ride.
  5. Thanks for sharing, man. That Switchback LED looks awesome.
  6. I guess they just couldn't resist the charisma of a Chevy Spark.
  7. That's a nice shade of lime! I like how it stands out from the other cars in the photos.
  8. That looks fantastic, James! Definitely a sleek-looking ride, with a nice roof rack.
  9. I agree with Mr.tozzi on this one. You'd be better off choosing the Chevy Trax. A much wiser option.
  10. That looks great, man. Sleek and definitely a feast for the eyes.
  11. Hmm, I think my cousin used to own one. I may have to ask him about his experience on this.
  12. Yup, this worked for my brother as well. He was having the same problem with his Spark. The Sea Foam additive did the trick.
  13. Thanks for sharing your feedback, everyone! A friend of mine is having the same problem with his ride. I'll let him know of the insights.
  14. The Jeep looks great, my friend. I have to admit, I was surprised when I read that you only got $500 for the Spark. I had to double-check if it's $5,000 or it was just really missing a zero.
  15. Man, that's a complete bummer. How's your car now?