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  1. This has stumped everyone I know because of the display and controls being separate. Measured together its 5 inches. Any ideas? Im going crazy without my USB! Regretting selling my JVC radio with my old 99 Elantra. Side note: Seriously Chevy? You couldnt put in a CD player for the '15 model?!? Come on now!
  2. My grandmother owns a '13 Equinox. I own a '15 Spark. We both noticed the style is quite similar (headlights, controls, radio, ect.) Is it just us or do you guys notice it to? Its like Chevy shrunk the equinox and replaced the leather and such with plastic and cheap cloth. Not complaining. You get what you pay for in this market. We are both very content with our vehicles and joke how we should swap vehicles because she's 5' and I'm 5'11".
  3. I feel quite dumb. I thought the trunck unlock button was the door unlock button until it clicked in my head the doors are manual. Man, I was one sad, sad cookie!
  4. So... This is the first car I ever purchased of the lot. I'm used to cars having problems. My last car had problems that would pop up non stop like weeds. Bu this has urked me to the point where I want to drive all through the dealership yelling liars! I need advice, people. I need advice bad. I'll label the issues before going into detail. Oh, and the Warranty is still active, but the dealership aren't ones to hold up their ends of deals. AUX PORT: The aux port hasn't worked since I took the car off the lot. I thought it was my aux cord but nope. I bought 2 different aux ports and even borrowed a few peoples phones to check if it was my phone. The aux port doesn't grip the cord properly, causing static. The paper says the aux port works. I say nay-nay. WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID TANK: Not sure how to explain this. The tube that connects to the tank isn't on properly, causing a leak at a certain fill point. My mechanic pointed this out and I was shocked. He said it was dealership neglect. Wasn't caused by any accidents because frankly, I never been in one! HEAT SHIELD: The heat shield is vibrating because the bracket that holds it in place isn't there. Once again, neglect. QUESTION: What should I do? Fix this by my lonesome? Pull a classic grandad and throw an unholy nag fit? I'm confused what to do, as the warranty papers say they don't cover any interior repair, knocks, vibrates, squeaks, anything that isn't an oil change or tire rotations. I feel jipped. Help this Tall Lady out!