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  1. Thanks for the suggestions and advice. I bought the car new and it has only 23,000 miles. This slipping is recent, not just the normal annoying CVT antics. It isn't frequent enough to have it happen on cue, and of course not with the dealer rep on board. I guess I will have to wait til it gets worse. JulieT
  2. Hi, my beloved 2014 Spark's transmission slips and revs without engaging at somewhat random times. It doesn't seem to like too much cold or heat, or accelerating up a slight incline. I've taken it in to the dealer but have not been able to make it "do its thing" with the mechanic in the car. They flatly refuse to look at it unless they can hear/see it themselves. Is this justified/reasonable on their part or should they be able to check the transmission, period? I don't want to wait until it craps out and damages the car sometime when I'm out on the road. Any advice? TIA JulieT