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  1. My son's girlfriend has a 2014 that is throwing two codes: - P0693 Fan 2 control circuit low - P0128 Coolant temperature (coolant temperature below thermostat regulating temperature) It has a new thermostat/housing assembly (I replaced after her dad pried out the thermostat when it was stuck shut and she needed to get back to college - no parts houses in her town had a thermostat in stock) and seems to be running ok. It doesnt have a temp gauge, but checking the head temp with an IR temp gun shows about 160 near all cylinders. Seemed about right so I'm thinking new thermostat is working and engine is getting up to temp. I took a guess at that point and replaced the coolant temp sensor thinking that might be cause of P0128. I cleared the codes by disconnecting the battery but they both returned later the same day. I don't want to throw more parts at it so if someone has a service manual, would you look up those two codes (P0693 & P0128) and let me know what it says? Thanks in advance.
  2. Spoke too soon... Looks lime the new thermostat/housing assembly only cleared the P0597 - Thermostat heater control circuit / open code. The other two codes: P0693 - Fan 2 control circuit low P0128 - Colant thermostat (coolant temp below thermostat range) reappeared after about 1.5 to 2 hours of driving and the compressor clutch quit engaging again. Without a service manual I'm guessing ad causes, but am assuming now that P0128 is a coolant temperature sensor issue. I googled to find specs to test it but didn't find any. Since the sensor os only $20, I decided I'd replace it and hope it clears both remainimg codes. Will know when part gets in tomorrow.
  3. Ok, thermostat replaced. Cleared the codes and all good now and AC is working again. Checked the AC pressures and they were good. Test drove it and it was blowing cold so she's happy now.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the reply Gearhead. We'd already ordered the thermostat / housing assembly, I just wasnt sure if I needed to continue looking for cause of AC problem. By the way, part was $143 @ Autozone or $33 @ Same AC Delco part! I did notice there's a blue paper type gasket on it currently. The AC Delco housing we ordered shows an O-ring in the picture. I'm assuming no paper gasket is needed with that. Correct?
  5. New here. Helping my son with his girlfriend's Spark. Her car was over heating. Thermostat was stuck shut. Parts weren't available in Laredo and she needed to get back to school so one of her relatives pulled the thermostat out of the housing (breaking the wire connection to the connector). Removing the thermostat got her back on the road. That was this winter. Now that it's hot out (we're in TX) she's commented her AC isnt working and she thinks it quit when her relative took the thermostat out. The codes it's throwing are: P0693 - Fan 2 control circuit low P0128 - Colant thermostat (coolant temp below thermostat regulating temperature) P0597 - Thermostat heater control circuit / open Those all sound like replacing the thermostat/housing would clear them. Does it make sense they'd also be keeping her AC from coming on?