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  1. Just sent my Spark away on a flatbed to be worked on at the dealer tomorrow. I noticed a lack of heat about a week ago and thought it was a thermostat issue. Kept driving it and then had the impetus to check the coolant level thanks to this forum and didn’t see any in the expansion tank :/ Bought coolant right after noticing the dangerously low level and filled the tank until it was a puddle in the tank because the engine was still hot. Filled it up the rest of the way this morning when the engine was cold. After driving for 15 mins I saw stem coming from the hood and the smell of dexos wafted in the cabin. Pulled over and let the car cool and saw bubbling out of the expansion tank nipple closest to the firewall on the top of the tank (I assume this is the dreaded return nipple). Let it cool some more for 90 mins and then drove it home about 20 minutes. I checked again and saw fresh dexos splattered over the left side of the engine bay. I decided that I couldn’t drive my car to the dealer near my house (about 25 miles away) so I dropped my car off at the dealer for a service appointment tomorrow. Reading this thread has has given me a much greater understanding of this issue and I can go into the dealer much more confidently. I’m still wondering what’s causing the coolant surge and if it’s related to the head gasket at all. I’m also getting the water pump inspected since I drove it around on low coolant (no light ever came on but still).
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