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  1. I need a new hood and bumper. I was parked and a truck backed up into me. Set my airbags off and locked my seatbelts. I can't afford to fix the car and insurence won't cover. If anyone can sell me a used hood and bumper or has seatbelts as well I would appreciate it greatly. I'm about to have a child and want to make sure my spark is safe
  2. Cold air intake and a tune that's what I did with a muffler delete. Might look into lighter wheels I currently have MB rims but want to go to 205/50/16 tires. Falken pro g4s
  3. Did you get the 1156 or the 7440? I have a 2016 chevy spark ls
  4. I have 18736 miles and runs great with a cold air intake and muffler delete also running a k&n air filter. No clutch problems. Oil changes every 3000 or so.
  5. Hello i have a 2016 chevy spark. I have a muffler delete and a k and n filter i also have drag wheels. Will be putting in a cold air intake in soon and will have a custom wrc wing made to fit the spark. Will be repping my friend who makes custom body kits in the near future.