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  1. pretty cool man. you can really hear that thing spool up.
  2. it was a joke.dont have to take it so personal. im a mechanic and you must be a garbage man driving that trash around.
  3. I have some LEDs in my 2017 and i dont get any hiss or interference
  4. Could you run the front speaker wires before they go to the actual speakers then to the amp then from the amp back to the front speakers and then to the rear speakers?
  5. Dang. I havent been here in awhile. Glad to see you are still tinkering around with the turbo, and it seems like you are just about finished.
  6. My gf's husband has a Mirage. I have a spark.
  7. I will be following this very closely. Thanks for posting and i look forward to your next post.
  8. im interested..
  9. well maybe, in a more grand scale of things i think you would. but everything that you said seems to make sense.
  10. do you need a special pump for e85? same with injectors?
  11. that inter cooler looks sick
  12. Thats just the way the car is. Ive learned that flooring it doesnt really do much, but there is a sweet spot i guess you could call it, around the 3/4 floored mark.
  13. you have to be excited to get this project done. i know i am!
  14. does the 2014-2017 have the same engine set up though? And is that for each of the items?
  15. where did you get the badges