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  1. Like this?
  2. i check the forums like 5 times a day for this thread. Keep it up buddy!
  3. this wouldnt work?
  4. that looks oddly cool imo...
  5. Following.
  6. that was just a guess.
  7. happens alot in older cars, your ignition is just wore out.
  8. Welcome! What color did you get?
  9. Went off the rails a bit.
  10. I just picked up a front and rear passenger seat. These are pretty sweet. Very impressed with the fit and quality. Would recommend.
  11. yea i know about what hes talking about ive got the samething i just chocked it up to being normal
  12. there is a guy on the forums that found a set for the Karl that supposedly fits
  13. well if they screw it up then they have to fix it. Don't you have to get the recalls done? for insurance? I called before i seen this thread, they don't have the parts, and they said that they would call me when they got them in. At least i get a loner car for the day.
  14. are you going to put something to replace it? looks pretty empty...