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  1. Is it me or do a lot of dealers not stock a lot of parts for these cars or there just hard to even get ?
  2. 15,000 But really couldn't get the price lowered since the one dealer had trouble getting me the green color, and my current car was just totaled and the rental car was going back in two days i really needed to get a car. Now if i could of waited im sure i could get the thing much lower because i was thinking of getting a new car but was going to see where I could get a good deal on one till a few days later my car was parked out side and some teen ran in to it.
  3. mind stating if yous are driving a manual or auto?
  4. I can only see using higher octane just being a waste of money.
  5. I settled on the green and my wife got the techno pink
  6. yea one of ares is green the other one is the pink. i just figured they would of been the same just with different color
  7. I wanted to know if its possible or has any one done it change there dash lighting to match the out side since I have a green one and really don't like it with blue lighting
  8. So we got two lt1 sparks but in the one the seats are really firm and in the other there really soft now they both have the sane options any one know why this is
  9. well if you do use a regular jack you could also just get some rubber blocks and put that between so that way it helps it not bend
  10. well im in pa just not your part of pa near reading. and didnt get my spark yet there still locating me one but my wife was able to get hers even though she wasnt car shopping but once she seen it she wanted one also.